Halloween Picture Ideas

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These Halloween Picture Ideas will make you want to capture all of the great holiday memories from this time of year.  Here are some fun Halloween and Pumpkin Photography Ideas with a twist.

From candy corn to pumpkins to witches and more, capture the essence of the spooky holiday through photos.

Taking Halloween Pictures


Besides pictures, Your kids may also enjoy these fun Halloween activities!
Your kids may also enjoy these fun Halloween activities!

Click on the link below each image to be taken to the original source.

Pumpkin photography

This cute candy corn picture is a great newborn Halloween picture

idea from Whimsy Lane Boutique

Flying baby witch

How cute would it be to recreate this flying Baby Witch photo by Queenie Laio


For a fun Halloween photo, check out how to take Levitation Photos HERE.

How about a family levitating photos?


  pumpkin booth

Cave Hill Designs has this booth for sale, the cute witch is not included.

pumpkin bucket

The Littlest Yarn shop is responsible for this adorable Halloween photo

of a baby in a pumpkin washtub is a fun Halloween picture idea.

 Pumpkin Carriage

And this pumpkin carriage from Jennifer Aldridge Photography is too cute to pass up.

 pumpkin banner

And so is this baby sleeping in a pumpkin from Bonjour Baby

Halloween Picture Ideas

Halloween picture ideas must always include more candy corn!  This time from Heather Hamlet.

Crochet Pumpkin Hat

I love this little pumpkin patch from  Brian + Amanda

Lace and Pumpkins

Cute little lace and pumpkins from Lynn Puzzo

standing on a pumpkin

Standing on Pumpkin from Theresa Thompson

Witch Silhouette Picture

And I love everything about this witch silhouette from  Mandy Lynne.

Halloween Picture Ideas

More lace and more candy corn from Kate Luber Photography

Pumpkin Maternity PIctures

What a fun pumpkin pregnancy photo from Kristy Champan Photography

Pregnant Maternity PIctures

And another Halloween baby bump photo from Done Brilliantly

Harry Potter Broom Photography

Levitating Harry Potter Inspired photos from Brooke Aliceon

Baby Pumpkin Bums

Cute baby pumpkin bums from  Laura Bruger

Witches Brew

Witches Brew from Mark Landon

Baby sleeping in a pumpkin

Baby sleeping in a pumpkin

Baby Pumpkin Wagon

And a baby sleeping in a pumpkin in a wagon by Melissa Rieke Photography.

witch silhouette

And more beautiful Witch Silhouette Pictures from Mandy Lynne

how to take a good picture of your baby in a pumpkin

Tips for Baby in Pumpkin Pictures from Life with my LIttles

Laying in Candy Corn

And one last baby Laying in Candy Corn Halloween Photo Idea

I hope these pictures get you inspired to take some fun Halloween Pictures of your own this season.



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  1. Omigosh, these are all so cute but those baby bums kill me and I LOVE the witches brew pic. Pinning to share!

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  3. stop with the adorable-ness!!! i love the baby in the candy corn cradle!!! and, who can resist pumpkin painted baby booties???

  4. Ahhh! How did I miss this post!?! Love the baby in candy corn idea and the one with the adults riding the broom 🙂

  5. Thank you so much for sharing my tips for taking a picture of your baby in a pumpkin!!

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