How to Start a Photography Business E-Book

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If you’ve been around my site for a day, or even a year, you likely know that a few years ago I wrote a book, Say NO to Auto for beginner photographers and Get Focused for intermediate photographers that I sell right from my site (see sidebar). Did you also know that one of my most popular posts is, How to Start a Photography Business?!?  It’s high up on the google search, which is pretty exciting for me!

I’ve written lots of posts with other photo tips for the mom taking pictures of her kids, and even more about more info and details in starting a photography business. NOW, I’ve got a THIRD book with even more nitty gritty details, titled How to Start a Photography Business.  I’ve teamed with Amy Fraughton, who shares a lot of business lingo that even confuses me!!  Read on to learn more about it, and our intro sale!

cover pageWhen I started writing my posts about how to start a photography business,

I never dreamed they’d get such exposure!  Because I remember how challenging it was for me, I wanted to help other people avoid some of the same pitfalls.  It’s been really fun to see so many comments and help others figure out what to do to get started.  I didn’t have many guides or blog posts like these to help me and there were many times I made big mistakes and lots of little mistakes too.  But through it all, I’ve really loved learning photography and growing a business that I can work around my family.

A few months ago, Amy from Photo Business Tools reached out to me and asked if I would co-write a book on how to start a photography business.  Like me, Amy started her own photography business while balancing motherhood and life.  But she noticed so many people needed business advice, that she started a website just to help photographers get their businesses to the next level. 

My first thoughts when I read Amy’s email were, “this could be fun, I’ve wondered if I could crank out another book.” Together we went down the road, remembering what mistakes we made, what decisions were wrong turns, and what turned out well.

In the process, we also invited some of our friends share their advice in the book too.  It’s so fun having friends that are photographers because we can swap ideas, share in our successes and get through the frustrations that we sometimes have together.  These awesome 10 pro photographers all shared their own insights of what they found invaluable to building a photography business, and believe me, you will love what they had to say!  You might know some of our friends, we think they are fabulous!

Spanki Mills, Courtney Dailey, Michelle Moore, Sara Garcia, Jasen Arias, Tricia Dunlap, Tara B, Shari Hanson, Heather Walker, Jennifer Polson, Keri Meyers, Nate Grahek, Gregory Schrader, Brittney Kluse,

In our book we focused on 5 different topics. 

  • Chapter 1 is about Confidence and how to overcome challenges and move forward stronger than ever.  You can view a sample page here.
  • Chapter 2 is about all of the legal things you need to do to be officially set up and ready to run!  There is a sample page here.
  • Chapter 3 we talk about products.  This includes your photography skills, your portfolio and what you are selling.  It also includes how to price yourself as a photographer.  Here is a sample page.
  • Chapter 4 is about marketing.  We share how to market online, how to use word of mouth marketing and also how to use your own community as a marketing pool.  This is the sample page for Chapter 4.
  • Chapter 5,  we talk all about customer service.  We teach how you can make your experience for your clients so memorable that they are telling all of their friends about you!  Find the sample page here.

We also included 10 inspiring downloadable prints for your office and over $150 in coupons for fabulous companies that will also help you get started!

So if you are ready to have some of your questions answered such as: 

How should I price myself?

Do I really need business cards?

What do I say to partner  with local shops?

Should I sell prints or just digital files?

All of your questions plus more are answered in this easy to read 90 page eBook.  It comes with a 100%  satisfaction guarantee.

Here are the chapter breakdowns:

chapters contributors head shots

I feel confident that this e-book will help you get your business up and running. If you need help getting your website up and running, how to start a website will get you there!

You can buy it now, and get started right away.

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