Kids Halloween Party Ideas

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I love Halloween. I love to throw parties, and so today I wanted to share some Kids Halloween Party Ideas.

Kids Halloween Party Ideas

I’ve also thrown Halloween Couples parties in the past, and similar guidelines apply.  World Market asked me to share their fabulous Halloween section, which I’m happy to, because I’ve shopped at World Market in the past for my parties, and I knew how fabulous it is! (I’ve been compensated for this post, but all thoughts are 100% my own).

I headed out to my nearest World Market store front, and stayed in the Halloween section for nearly an hour! I gathered all the supplies I’d need to throw a little bash for my kids. Here is just a little structured outline you can work from if you want to throw a party for your family, or a handful of neighborhood kids, too. The tips are the same for adults, just changing up the specifics.

5 Kids Halloween Party Ideas:

1. Atmosphere–The atmosphere at a Halloween party has to do with decorations, table setting, the overall “look” of the place. I like to get plates, napkins, what have you–along with fun items displayed around the party table. I did this party for just my kids, so it was more low key in decoration, but I did use cute Halloween paper plates and napkins I found at World Market. The activity paper placemat come from the activity kit you’ll see below. LOVE the Jones mini soda bottles with Halloween flavors, too!

World Market Halloween papaer plates

2. Games–Every party has to have some fun games! I found this Halloween kit with several games, activities, and placemats inside. The kids got to color masks, and pop them out to wear them when they were done. It’s called the Creepy Party Placemat Book. See more details on the link.

World Market Halloween Activity Book

3. Game Prizes–for every game, there is a winner, the winners get a prize! I’ve shopped the World Market Halloween section in the past, and they have the greatest selection of Halloween themed treats, great for winners of games.  From a gummy zombie tongue to Monster Pooper to Scary Eyeballs, there are some creative gifts! My kids LOVED these, and adults go crazy for them, too!

Paraty Game Prizes

Creepy Gummies//Box of Boogers//

4. Activities–I found this fun gelatin/gummy petri dish activity, and my kids thought it was pretty awesome. I simply mixed the gelatin powder with a small amount of boiling water, let it cool for a minute, then they got to design their own creepy faces with the tummies provided in the kit. It was fun to see how each of them made their own unique creation. I popped them in the fridge for 10 minutes (while they colored) and then they could enjoy. Spooky Lab kit.

Spooky Lab Kit with Gelatin

5. Party Favors–It’s nice to leave each guest with a parting favor to say, “thanks for coming!” World market has bins that are filled with Halloween favors. I found these cute coffin candy holders.  What I loved about them, is that they already had sticky tabs on them, so no tape or glue was required! I just folded the boxes, pulled the tabs, and pressed them together. I used the gummy candy corns to fill the coffins at the favors.

coffin party favors

Here is another collage of all the fun we had!

Kids Halloween Party Activities

What do you love most about our party? Have you ever thrown a Halloween party for kids?

Two of my dearest blogging friends also worked with World Market to display Halloween decorations. Head on over to C.R.A.F.T. and Lolly Jane to see what they found at World Market!

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