Missionary Open House Ideas

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Planning for a missionary open house can feel daunting with all of the other details involved with sending a missionary off to serve, so I aimed to keep it simple.  Here are some of the fun missionary open house ideas that we used.

Missionary Open House Ideas

Missionary Open House Decorations

I love a good party. I thoroughly enjoy decorating for a party. If you look at the past parties I’ve shared on my website, you will see…I love a good theme. It brings me creative joy. However, I was pretty tired with all of the prep work it took to get my son ready to serve, and the missionary open house being the week before, I just decided to play it low key.

    1. Country Flag: Since he is serving in the Dominican Republic, I found some flag decorations on Amazon. I love Amazon. I had one giant flag, and I made a banner with a bunch of littles (that came with mini sticks, but I didn’t want to get a vase or styrofoam to put them in.
    2. Giant Missionary Tag: I found this shop The Lettering Corner on etsy and it was only $5 for the download and I printed myself (Sams Club/Costco best deal for larger). She did Spanish first because of the country, but I wanted it in English for our party, because it’s the name of our church, and we had visitors that weren’t members and I wanted them to know what it said.
    3. Map of the Country with mission outlined
    4. Facts of the country on display
    5. Missionary Pictures around the house

Missionary Open House Food

I decided in advance, dessert only! I’m also a BIG fan of letting the people know ON the invitation that it will be dessert only so they can plan their stomachs accordingly. There is nothing more frustrating than going to a party THINKING you’ll be fed a meal, to only have desserts, or going to one FULL of food and there is a full spread! This is a public serve announcement that I hope gets spread across the land, because it just needs to be.

I had planned to actually make a few things in advance, but decided last minute to only have some decorative cookies for missionaries (which I hired out) and just a few bowls laid out with his favorite candies. My sons friend also make fabulous cake balls, and made them into the shape of the Dominican Republic flag, which I LOVED and she also surprised us with the “Elder Duke” missionary tag cookies.

missionary picture display

More Missionary Open House Ideas

  • Highlight copies of The Book of Mormon
  • Have a printout ready for people to write down their emails
  • Let people know when he will be giving his farewell talk
  • Basket out for cards
  • Decorate with Pictures

The Book of Mormon

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So grateful for the friends and family that came into town to wish our son farewell!

missionary farewell open house

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