NEON Skate Birthday Party

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I love parties. If you haven’t noticed, I really really like to throw a theme party. My boys have kinda outgrown it, but my girls are still very much into it. My daughter turned 9 last week, and with just 2 weeks before the big day, she decided on the NEON Skate birthday party theme. Last year we did the Breakfast in PJ’s party, and the year before was the Rockstar Party. I wanted her to pick something that she loves right now, and she loves her roller skates, and wearing NEON colors.

Neon Skate Party by

Of course, she didn’t want to go to a roller rink, (I secretly celebrated that) but to the neighborhood swimming pool. So we first did all things NEON, then the girls swam.  NEON has become popular lately–bringing those 80’s back, but it was tricky to find NEON accessories. I found some fabric, but used NEON handkerchiefs as my main fabric accessory I found at Joann’s. I did also find NEON ribbon, but didn’t end up using it.

Having it at our community center (as opposed to our home) presents a challenge. I had to prep everything, and take it over just an hour and a half before the party. I was SO fortunate to have two awesome friends (Kristi & Jaime) come to help me set it up, as I often have to stare at my table set up for a while before I decide if I like it or not! It’s really all about the tablescape for me, that’s my crafty joy, making that look cute.

So for all things NEON, I first went to Amazon. {I LOVE AMAZON Prime, free 2 day shipping is amazing, and so much better than running all over town. If you aren’t signed up with PRIME yet, check out my post about the 3 reasons why I love Amazon prime!} I was able to find all sorts of fun accessories to decorate the table and double as a take home gift for the girls coming!

How to shop for a theme party

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Things like the bracelets, gloves, and sunglasses I really loved giving as a take home gift because they can actually be used after the party, and were only .50 cents or less each. I may have had too much candy, but it’s a party—there’s treats, right?

I found a few things at Party City: the white plastic table cloth, plastic table skirt, paper plates, colorful cutlery. Table runner wrapping paper, and “skate” banner main piece I got at Target as well as the gum balls.

Three main food items, I had others do the work because I just can’t make them look good!

  • *The cake is made by my local friend, Tricia, from I Crave Cakes. She also made the Rockstar cake 2 years ago, she is so creative! I love how the colors turned out.
  • *The sugar cookies are from Nanny & Weebs out of Ohio, and they ship to you wherever! They also made cookies for  my younger daughters Ballerina Birthday Party in April. Their taste and design is impeccable, LOVE them!
  • *The colorful Oreo’s are from Sweet Temptations also shipped in from out of state.  I like to smuggle a few in my purse before festivities begin, to make sure they aren’t all gone at the end of the party.designer custom cookies

I like to do a lot of things myself, but I just can’t do everything! Having a few professionals make main pieces are a MUST at my parties.

We also had a little photo booth, and my fabulous friend from Kiki from Kiki & Company made some NEON SKATE photo booth printables–woo hoo!

Party Printables

Download printables here: Blue ball cap page//yellow ponytail page//3 sunglasses page//roller skate page//earphones page.

My girls and I made a paint splattered background, which we taped to the wall and I used my new Fuji Instax (polaroid type) camera to take a picture of my daughter with each girl, and the girl got to take home that picture in her goody bag.

Roller Skate party

I was kindof a last minute decision to bring that camera, and I’m so glad I did because the pictures are so fun! Some girls hadn’t seen them like that before. I also took a fun group picture of all of them.  Of course we always do smiles, then they want to do silly, and someone asked if they could do an “angry” face, so we went for it! It cracks me up to see all of the different angry faces!

group party pictures

The party table, I got a roll of wrapping paper at Target, cut it lengthwise, and it was the perfect runner!

neon birthday cake

Of course, I forgot the candles at home, so we sang happy birthday, and she “blew out” the flame on the first starter!

blowing out the candles

Neon Skate Party

The girls had a grand time swimming for a good solid hour

swimming party

I got to vegge with my friends Naomi & Jaime, and relax, while my amazing husband and boys cleaned up the entire party room to surprise me. I love them. We actually sat in those chairs until it was pitch dark, after 9:30, hours after the party was over, just because the kids were having fun, and so were we!

friends at the pool

At the end of the party, I had all of the girls “shop” for their take home bag. I gave them a bag and told them to take one of whatever they wanted (one of each color bracelet) and I think that was kinda fun. I stuffed their polaroid picture inside, and their parents came to pick up!

shop for take home bag

They wiped the table pretty clean!

empty party table

My daughter was also so blessed to have two of her school teachers drop by. The first came to help us with party prep which was SOOOO nice! She cut, sorted, taped, tied, arranged to help us get ready. She was her kinder teacher who moved up with the same class to first grade, so we had TWO years with her! She is so kind hearted, we love her so much! Crossing my fingers my youngest gets her in first grade in a year. Then her most recent teacher (3rd grade, whom my 2nd son also had for 3rd grade) stopped by with her kids, they both give so many hugs and love, I am truly grateful for their presence in my daughters life, she adores them.

school teacher love

I love my girl, and I love that she gets into the party scene as much as I do!

mother daughter party fun

A few more detail shots…

custom cookies

I made a batch of each color of skate suckers from the candy mold I had, used sixlets as wheels. They aren’t perfect, but cute nonetheless!

chocolate candy mold

neon colors party

I got the GIANT canvas at a craft store. It was half off of $60, so $30. I could have done paper, but I will eventually pain over it and make a quote canvas in my home similar to the You are Loved, no matter what I have up now. My girls and I splattered the background, and my husband eyeballed the photo booth skate and free hand drew it onto the canvas for me. He’s awesome like that. Then I painted it, with the birthday girl helping.

Neon skate birthday party

Whew! There ya have it! What was your favorite element about the NEON skate party?

How to throw a theme party

Do  you love to create fun parties as much as I do? I promise I still enjoy going to parties that don’t go crazy like I do. It’s just something I love to do.

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