On the Farm free printable Lunch Box Jokes

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When I created the very first set of lunch jokes 4 years ago, I hadn’t seen anything else like them online. I saw some cutesy love notes, but as my boys were getting older, I wanted a way to send my love with a unique twist, and make them laugh, that they could also share with their friends. I’ve had so much fun sharing jokes for holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, some Brain Teasers, and a set based after FROZEN as well! I’m excited to share that in the month of September, I’ll be sharing a new set each week, with different themes!  First up are these On the Farm free printable Lunch Box Jokes!

On the Farm Lunch Box jokes by Capturing-Joy.com

Now, when you search on Pinterest for Lunch jokes, you’ll find not only the sets I’ve shared, but lots of other options as well. I’ll take that as a compliment that everyone thought that was a good idea!  I love that the internet and creative bloggers can share fun stuff for everyone, and for FREE!

I have an awesome designer, Jessika at Hip and Simple, that does the best job at designing what is swirling around in my head!

Download your set of ON THE FARM Lunch box jokes here: On the Farm Jokes

Since I have 4 kids, I make 4 copies, and put their names at the top of each one. On different days, my kids will buy a lunch, so I don’t sent a joke that day, and it helps me to keep straight which one got which joke. They think it’s so much fun, and their friends love it, too!

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Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter,  Brain Teasers, and  FROZEN


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