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Kristen Duke Photography began in 2004 officially, and after years of photographing families, I began teaching people how to use their manual cameras in 2010 with my beginner Say NO to Auto books and classes. Then came the intermediate Get Focused book, and eventually ALL of my tips in video form with the Camera Academy course.  Feel free to email me with any questions!

I’m happy to share photo tips with you as well as share about my photography course: The Camera Academy for Moms and my two books: Say NO to Auto and Get Focused.

The Camera Academy for Moms video tutorial course for photography tips

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Included in the above course are the digital versions of the below books.

Say NO to Auto beginner photography book


Say NO to Auto: 3 Basic steps to understanding manual camera settings (E-book or Printed options)Get Focused Intermediate Photo Tips book


Get Focused: 12 Tips and Techniques for intermediate photo enthusiasts (E-book or Printed options)


Besides my photography products, I’ve also got photo tips all over my site! Hover over the YELLOW hexagon at the top of my site to see your options.

Here are a few of the most popular:

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