Family Picture Clothes by Color Series-Greens

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Welcome to the GREEN post, where I share ideas on What to Wear in Family Pictures with the color GREEN!  This is part of a greater series all about colors in family pictures, see the intro post on that link for more great ideas.

Green is a color both boys and girls love. It’s got Kelly, Mint, Seafoam, khaki, so many shades. I’ve gathered up a great collection of greens for your viewing and planning pleasure. If you love green, this is the place to come! If you missed BLUE, check it out, too!

How to pick what to wear in pictures

Please click on the links below each image to see more from the photographer, or the session featured.

Here is a fun little video I put together to give you a visual for what to wear in family pictures: Picture Clothes by Color Series-Green

Khaki Green with brown and red. This green is often under-used, but I love it!  Love that the 3 boys each have a different color t-shirt peeking out underneath. Love the side flower headband and layers on both girls. Picture Clothes by Colors Series-Green

Bright Green with hot pink and navy. It’s my fam! SO many fun, bright colors. I had someone knits the hats and baby shoes for me in the exact shades I wanted to match what I had. Picture Outfits by Color Series-Green

Olive Green with purple. Love these color together that might not have been thought to pair well, except for the babies’ sweater that ties them in nicely. Picture Clothes by Color Series-Green

Shamrock Green with blue and yellow. Love the bright and happy.

blue and green

Kelly Green with Navy. My family again. Look closely and you can see for the boys, one used a button up shirt as a jacket, the other as an undershirt with the t-shirt over it. Just a way to change up the layers. I built this clothing around the green jacket I really wanted to wear.


clothes to wear

This is my brother and his family. I haven’t blogged it, so no links. Lot of blue/navy in this, but I love the pops of green and gray, and love the plaid, stripe, vest for the kids with vest/scarf for mom and dad. Even though there are two vests, I like that they are different and they have different under shirts on the bottom layer. Love her gray boots. Picture Clothes by Color Series-Green

Teal with mint and baby blue, pretty and matching the ocean.

mint green clothes

Black and white with a hint of mint. LOVE this green as accent.

green and brown family picture colors

Love these shades of khaki green. Picture Clothes by Color Series-Green

Green-Yellow with brown. I love how the patterns and solids pair so well together. Mom has 4 layers–undershirt, shirt, cardigan, necklace. Can’t go wrong with too many layers. Picture Clothes by Color Series-Green

Forest Green with yellow and brown. That striped sweater is the anchor piece here, love how all the colors mix with it. Picture Clothes by Color Series-Green

Sea Green with red and brown. This color could be a green or a blue, but I went with the green. Love it with the red and browns. Picture Clothes by Color Series-Green

Spring Green with gray and navy. So subtle and seemingly effortless, but perfection.  All based around the scarf.


Which GREEN outfit was your favorite??

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