Family Picture Clothes by Color Series–Blues

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Welcome to the BLUE post, where I share ideas on What to Wear in Family Pictures with the color BLUE!  This is part of a greater series all about colors in family pictures, see the intro post on that link for more great ideas.

Blue seems to be the most popular and versatile color for family pictures. It complements so many other colors, and comes in so many shades such as turquoise, baby, denim, navy, teal, etc.  It was a challenge to decide how to categorize the dominant color in an individual picture, but I picked according to either what stood out at first glance, or what color was used the most. Since blue is a more subtle color, this page has just a little pops of color, as most of those color pictures are in the more colorful posts. You’ll see more blue as you go throughout the other color posts, for sure.

How to find clothes for family photos


Click on the links below each image to be taken to the original source, and likely see more greatness!

Here is a fun little video I put together to give you a visual for what to wear in family pictures: Picture Clothes by Colors Series-Blue

Turquoise  with gray and green. The base of these clothes are actually more gray, but love the pops of turquoise and green. Love the tie, cardigan, and bracelets that emphasize the blue. This is one of my most favorite family sessions I’ve taken, click on the link to see many more.

Blue and yellow clothes in family pictures

Navy and yellow–Though yellow stands out, there is so much blue, it stays in the blue post. Love how there is a big plaid pattern and a small plaid pattern. Love how mom and daughter are both layering, but in different colors. Love the yellow shirt peeking out of the older sons shirt, and blue out of the younger boys. Those hints of color go a long way in my book.

blue family pictures

Navy with a touch of yellow, the necklace, the bow, the stripes.

what to wear

Navy and beige–love the colors, the stripes, the boots, the mini sweater, and mini boots with layered jumper. Picture Clothes by Color Series-Blue

Traditional Blue with tan and yellow–though this image could be in the brown/beige post, I love her blue shoes with the boys blue plaid shirts. I love that that boy is wearing his shirt as a jacket while dad has his buttoned all the way up.  Also another favorite family session for me, I have tons more on that link. Picture Clothes by Color Series-Blue

Dark Blue & Denim with a pop of red–those tall socks are adorable, and I love the slight touch of red in the bow and plaid shirt on the baby {and that cute smile!}

Baby Blue clothes in family pictures

Love the Baby Blue shades with white and a touch of brown. Picture Clothes by Color Series-Blue

Shades of Blue–Love the stripes, flower pattern, and layering used

Blues and reds

Blue, red, black, and gray. Love this winter scene, and the layers are perfection! Picture Clothes by Color Series-Blue

Teal Blue with Black and gray–love that teal is present in the scarf, a skirt, stripes, and pattern. This is a tricky color to find/match, but paired with gray and black in this picture, looks great. Picture Clothes by Color Series-Blue

Dark Blue with tan and touch of green I love that each shirt has a bit of a different pattern and color to it. Small stripes, big stripes, one big stripe, etc. Picture Clothes by Color Series-Blue

Blue and Tan–I love that each boy has a different style shirt: plaid, solid, and stripes. Picture Clothes by Color Series-Blue

Teal with red and lime green. I love this trio of colors. I like that one girl has a full dress pattern while the other has a pattern skirt. The necklace on the mom pulls in the red from her sons shirt and daughters hair bow. {This is my best friends’ family, and I flew out to visit her specifically to document her family, and I took a bajillion in this apple orchard and her home. Link over to see more! I also got to help put the clothes together, but she did a lot on her own.} Picture Clothes by Color Series-Blue

Blue and Teal–Love the tie, stripes, and hair accessories in blue.

what to wear in family pictures

Love all the shades of blue with touches of the reddish and gray. Nice layering here with different color scarves and belts. Picture Clothes by Color Series-Blue

Navy Blue with pops of red and yellow–I love the navy emphasis here, but all with different patterns and shades, with just a touch of red. Click over to see more images, the momma is my dear blogging friend (and foodie).


What did you think of all this BLUE goodness? Do you have a favorite outfit grouping above that you’d like to imitate?


Check out the original post about this series with links to all the colors and photo tips HERE.

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