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Hi Everyone! I am so excited to be here for Kristen’s series. This is one of my favorites each year and am thrilled to be a part of it this year.

My name is Kiki from Kiki and Company where I love to do all kinds of DIY projects, but my favorite is printables, printables and more printables! I share all kinds of FREE printables on my blog, but also sell a ton in my digital shop and even have a clearance shop as well! I love being a mom to my 5 little kidlets more than anything in this world, so showing them off in my home is dear to my heart. Today I just wanted to share a few of the places I keep them up all year and hope it will inspire some fun ideas for you too! More specifically, because I love designing and hanging up prints I thought it might be really fun to show you how I mix my printables in with my photos in a few places.

First, I have a large wall in my dining area that I have had filled with pictures. I even had one in the middle there, but by taking down the middle and adding a print, I feel it makes it a little more “homey” and not so stiff.

I also love how the message of the print can bring together the message you want in your home…for right now in my home (yes, I change it out often), it says “Life is Beautiful”. I believe life IS beautiful, but for me the ones who bring that beauty in mine are my kiddos so having their pictures around it help them to know that!

 Next, I really love writing my kids love notes. I have had to move these prints to different places in my home as I kept having more kids because I needed more wall space. (note to self: this wall is full!) 😉 Just to give you an idea, here is where this wall lies in my house:

 My kids LOVE to check out their own frame and see the love notes I write to them, and they even take turns writing their own love notes to each other! It is such a fun way to have their cute faces greet me when I come in the garage door, but also a fun way for them to express love and appreciation for each other and hear it from me too!

 Lastly, one of my favorite things to photograph is my kids and their interactions together. By adding just a few simple prints, it brings it together into a wall they can look at and remember in those rough times just how much they have each other’s back!

One day I was taking my oldest boy over to a friend’s home and I just mentioned how lucky he was to get to go to his best friend’s house and he replied, “Well, actually, Lincoln is my BEST friend, then my other friends, but Lincoln will always be my BEST!” I love that he loves his brother, so I want to keep that in their heads 24/7. I took a few of their pictures they have together and put them up with some prints I designed to remind them just how lucky they are to have one another. This wall will be fun to add to and change up as needed!

I love how displaying pictures in your home can truly help your family love and appreciate the relationships we have and remind us how blessed and lucky we are to have one another. I’ve got pictures everywhere, but these are just a few of my favorites!

Thanks so much for having me, Kristen. I hope you will all come and visit me at Kiki and Company where you will find ALL of the prints in today’s post on SALE! Hurry on over. 😉


These are such great ideas, thank you, Kiki! I’ve always been a big fan of her designs, and she’s even created a few for me, such as the Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful print hanging in my girls room. I am LOVING your printables here, too. Especially the love notes and brothers ideas.

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Decorating with Pictures Ideas

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