Promposal Ideas: How to ask someone to Prom

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Promposal Ideas: How to ask someone to Prom

 9 Clever ways to ask someone to prom - Promposal Ideas

I remember when I was in high school when I was asked to my first dance. I was on the drill team, and up in the stands at a football game, cheering on the football team, as we did each week. When all of a sudden, two of my good friend: Chad and Natalie, came up to the stands with a big poster, fake broom, and a bunch of roses. I remember being VERY confused! On the poster read: Kristen, can I sweep you off to Homecoming? The guys asking me was a friend who played football, and I looked down on the field and he was on the sidelines waving. It was funny, and really fun, and that was the beginning of what I remember as the promposal.

It wasn’t called promposal back then, but I think it’s a pretty clever catch-phrase to describe creative ways to ask someone to prom or any couple dance.

Now that I’ve got teenagers, this kind of stuff is fresh on my mind! Though I’m bummed, my oldest hasn’t gotten into the whole couple dance thing, I’m holding out hope that my second son will be more excited about it when he turns 16 in the fall.

Promposal Ideas

Tackle Box Promposal Idea on Crafty Morning


measurement promposal idea

My teen friend Mady shared the above picture with me.  Isn’t that a fun idea? I am glad she gave me permission to share it.


Honey-Comb Promposal and 100+ More Prom Date Ideas from Lil Luna

Red Solo Cup Promposal Idea found on Pinterest

Donut Promposal Idea

Donut Promposal Idea

post it note promposal

Post it Note Promposal

chocolate strawberry promposal

Chocolate Strawberry Promposal


promposal idea

A friend on Instagram sent me this March Madness Prom-posal Idea…so CLEVER!

Another friend sent me this simple promposal idea with rocks!

Have you seen clever ways that someone has asked another to a dance? Share more promposal ideas in the comments.

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