Prom Picture Ideas

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Prom season is upon us, and I’ve already shared Promposal ideas before, and now I’m excited to share some prom picture ideas to help get the group photos started.

prom picture ideas

How to Take Prom Pictures

I’ve taken a handful of prom pictures in the past, so I wanted to share some tips for how to make the process go smoothly.

  1. Make sure the entire group and their parents knows what time to meet. Lots of people will take prom photos at individual houses and then get together as a group.  To save time, everyone should all meet at the same time, take group pictures, then separate to take individual prom pictures of couples (or vice versa).
  2. Don’t just do the boring traditional poses, take some fun group photos also. Get into silly posing and ask the teens for their ideas as well!
  3. Have one designated photographer for the group, and share pictures after. That way you can spend the time on taking couple photos with each set of parents if they are there also.

Prom Couple Pictures

Here are some favorite poses for prom couple pictures. I love to do something more than the same old stiff smiling/looking at the camera, so I like to try to get the teens to have some fun.

prom couple pictures

Laughing and Looking: {Sadie Hawkins}

prom picture kissing hand

Kissing the hand {source}

prom pictures dance twirl

Dance twirl {source}


Prom Group Pictures

When taking Prom Pictures, the group shots are always my favorite.  Here are some Group Prom Picture ideas.

prom group pictures

See more at these Sadie Hawkins Dance pictures on that link

prom picture ideas

image: April Johnson Photography in Arizona

image: Tara Rochelle Photography California. I Love that some of them are sitting and they are staggered as couples.

high school prom pictures

I love this above shot of the group: MEB photo, Los Angeles

Best Friends Prom Pictures

I love taking bestie photos also, have fun with friends!

Prom Pictures Ideas

Huddled in close: Lisa McNeil Photography, Westlake, TX

Girls Prom ideas with converse shoes

I LOVE this circle shot! How fun are all of their colorful converse shoes? Image via

best friends hugging

Best Friends Hugging, source

PIN the below image to bookmark this and share with the internet! I will be adding more images here as I come across them.

Prom Picture Ideas

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Here are other ideas that would be fun for teens, maybe even before or after the prom dance:


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