Sadie Hawkins Dance Pictures

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I was delighted to photograph this group of awesome teens last weekend before they went to the Sadie Hawkins dance. Mainly because my son is one of them, but also because 3 others were in my seminary Bible study class I taught last year. When the girls asked me a few weeks before, I had to contain my utter excitement, OF COURSE I’d LOVE it!

Parenting Teenagers pictures at Sadie Hawkins danceMy son turned 16 a few months ago, and if you read my blog post on teen dating rules a few weeks ago, you may remember that 16 is when they can start dating in our family. Meaning, not before 16, but ENCOURAGED after. Yep, I’ve sorta been hounding my son for 3 months to ask a friend out on a date. I think dating friends is SO important to developing social skills, and preparing them for real adulthood. We encourage dating in groups, so this night was perfect. Though I was encouraging him to coordinate a group date before this, it didn’t happen for various reasons, so when he got asked to this girls choice dance, it was perfect.

I love the tradition amidst our church youth group to get creative when asking to dances. Some call it a promposal or just a cute creative way to ask.

When we got a knock on the door about a month ago, with a creative sign and Chic-Fil-A left on our front porch, he was a bit confused at first, I was pretty excited!  I was privy to the scenario, so that helped. Yes! Get on out there on that dating train, I exclaimed in my heart.
creative ideas to ask out on a date with chick fil aHe responded with a bull (which was REALLY hard to find! After scouring a few stores, I texted a bunch of friends to see if they had one I could buy, a friend had one, but didn’t want money was happy to pass it along to someone else.)


Promposal ideas or cute homecoming ideas

That was a month before the dance…below are the pictures I took before they went.

I had so much fun taking these pictures, and the kids were great sports with my crazy ideas. Here is my very narrowed down favorites.


Parenting Teenagers pictures at Sadie Hawkins dance

Parenting Teenagers pictures at Sadie Hawkins dance


Parenting Teenagers pictures at Sadie Hawkins dance

Teen couple heading to a dance picture

Parenting Teenagers pictures at Sadie Hawkins dance

teenagers going to prom picture


Parenting Teenagers pictures at Sadie Hawkins dance

teen couple going to dance picture



Parenting Teenagers pictures at Sadie Hawkins dance


Dipping your date

Purple semi formal dance colors


twirling your date

Teenagers walking to a dance pictureTeenagers laughing picture

Yep, teenagers really are the best.

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