Star Wars Jokes

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Print these Star Wars and slip them into your Jedi’s lunch box!


With the new movie releases, Star Wars is as popular as ever.  I knew that I needed to add some Star Wars jokes to my lunch box jokes collection.  When my boys were younger, they loved to collect the mini Star Wars Galactic Heroes.  My friend Linda and I were constantly on the hunt to find new guys and would let each other know when we found a specific figure.  Gone are the days of hunting for figurines.  My boys are now teens and I’m saving those adorable figurines for my future grandkids.  They are still fans of Star Wars and, even thought they are grown up, they still appreciate these Star Wars jokes.


Star Wars Jokes

I’m excited for you to slip these jokes into your kids lunches.  They will love them!

Download the PDF for these printable Star Wars Jokes jokes here HERE!  And share them with your friends! I’d love for you to pin these Star Wars jokes so others can print them, too!

Here is the fun little star wars display case my friend Staci made for her son’s figures back when we collected them.   I still love it!

Star Wars Jokes


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