Top 14 Posts of 2014

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Happy New Year!!!! I am excited to present my top 14 posts of 2014!! It’s a great re-cap of the past year for me, to see what posts were most liked, and fun to share as well, as a sort-of scrapbook for my year.

Top 14 posts of 2014

I couldn’t decide if I should only include posts that I shared in 2014, or just everything on my site, what was viewed the most, and I decided on everything on my site, viewed the most. So some of these were posted before 2014, but still in the top viewed in 2014!  Are any of these memorable for you? Which one sticks out most to you?

14. How to Decide What Camera to Buy




13. Vintage Windows into Picture Frame

how to turn vintage windows into picture frames


12. Photo Booth Backdrop Ideas 40+



11. Plan a trip to Disney World

Tips to plan disney vacation


10. 13 Ideas for Creative Family Pictures

Ideas for family photos


9. Ideas for pictures at the Beach

beach photography


8. Blueberry Protein Bites

Healthy recipes


7. Jalapeno Ranch Dip

Favorite Appetizer


6. How to Plan for your first Family Cruise



5. Lunch Jokes

I’ve shared so many lunch jokes in the past few years, and collectively, they are some of my highest views!



4. How to Start a Photography Business



3. How to take your own Family Pictures

Take your own family photos


2. What to wear in Family Pictures by Color

What to wear in family pictures

And the #1 visited post for the entire year is this round up I did showing how our family has changed outfit ideas from time to time!

1. 13 outfits for 1 family in pictures

What to wear in family pictures

The top viewed recipes is the Fudgy Vanilla Brownie (still a favorite of mine!)

Fudgy-Vanilla-Brownie (1)

If you want to see the best of 2013, check that out, too! A few are repeats!

Top-13-Posts-of-2013-by-Kristen-DukeHere are the top posts of 2012, too!

top posts 2012



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