Vaccinations and Medical at CVS MinuteClinic

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School has begun for some, but I’ve still got a month left of summer! I’m a big fan of traveling all year long, but we tend to take our big trips in the summer. Two years ago, our entire family ventured to Ghana to visit my parents. Lots of countries require various vaccinations, so I wanted to talk about international travel and vaccinations.

I’ve shared recently about my love for the MinuteClinic found at my local CVS Pharmacy, what I didn’t realize is that they have pre-travel consultations, say what?!? That would have saved me with our trip to Ghana. They council on many components to the travel health, with tips for motion sickness prevention, and more. The nurse practitioners at MinuteClinic can help prepare you before you travel outside of the country.

We needed some random vaccinations for Ghana. In addition to the vaccines and prescriptions you may need before leaving for your trip, nurse practitioners can also provide tips on how to stay healthy during your travels and discuss any concerns or warnings from the CDC such as Zika and Malaria if it is applicable to the country you’re traveling to.

Even if you’re not traveling, you can also get a variety of vaccinations including DTaP, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, and Meningitis prior to traveling if your immunizations are not up to date.

While you are visiting the ExtraCare clinic for medical needs, you can save on things you may also need like sunscreen, snacks, etc.

Hopefully you are keeping in tip top shape on the daily, but keep the MinuteClinic in mind for various other health needs! You can read my other posts in partnership with CVS MinuteClinic here: Weight Loss Solutions // Summer Health Tips // Road Trip Medical Emergencies

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