15 Fun Summer Activities for Kids

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Some of you just entered into “summer” as your kids got out of school. We still have two more weeks, but I thought it’d be fun to share these 15 Fun Summer Activities for Kids to get your started, or get prepped.

15 Summer Activities for kids!  From crafts to family exercise plans!

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15 Summer Activities for Kids: Cool Whip Painting

Cool Whip Painting

15 Summer Activities for Kids: 25+ Exercise Ideas

25+ Exercise Ideas with Kids

15 Summer Activities for Kids: DIY Giant  Water Bed

DIY Giant Waterbed

15 Summer Activities for Kids: Beach Ball Fun

12 Fun Beach Ball Ideas

15 Summer Activities for Kids: DIY Ice Chalk

Ice Chalk

15 Summer Activities for Kids: DIY Lawn Aerating Shoes

DIY Lawn aerating Shoes

15 Summer Activities for Kids: Boredom Buster Ideas

Boredom Buster Jars

15 Summer Activities for Kids: Summer Photo Booth

Summer Photo Booth

DIY Rainbow Slime

Rainbow Slime


Kids Summer Triathlon

DIY Bird Feeders

DIY Bird Feeders

DIY Glitter Polka Dot Shirt

DIY Glitter Polka Dot T-Shirt


DIY Treehouse

home made play dough

Homemade Playdough


Squirt Gun Painting

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  1. Love it!! Such great ideas!!

  2. this is great, thanks for pulling together! but I need to make sure my kids don’t see this post or they’ll expect all of it! 😉

  3. I am browsing for summer ideas with my kids right now, and they have a shout out for you: “YOU’RE SO AWESOME!!!”. :)) They really love the ideas posted here and they can’t wait to try them! It seems that it will really be one hell of a summer for them!

  4. Ashley, I love these ideas. Do you have any plans for winters too? Going to save this for next summer though 🙂

  5. This is so cool. I love these ideas.

  6. Wow…it is very fantastic. Thanks for your sharing!

  7. OMG ! You got very interesting content here , really appreciate for your sharing !

  8. Creative ! Be able to make them have fun and enjoyable , I appreciate
    by the way will try this for kids , thanks for sharing !!!!!

  9. My kids will love this and it will also make them more creative.

  10. Another nice activity for kids on summer is t play foosball.

  11. Great 🙂 I love this Idea

  12. I have two son and i will have a short trip with the next summer.thank for sharing.