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Haven DIY Blog Conference

I’ve now been to 5 different blog conferences in the past year and a half (one of them twice), and though they’ve all been different in the classes offered, dynamics, and people, this is what… Continue Reading

SNAP! Recap: Social Media blog conference

Where oh where to begin to re-cap my 4 day weekend away at the SNAP! blog conference at Thanksgiving Point in Utah?  I was delighted and humbled that I was asked to be a speaker and lead… Continue Reading

BlogHer Food 2013 Blogging Conference

Last week I went to my 3rd blogging conference this year. Before you think it…it’s a little much, I agree! What on earth do I need to go to 3 blogging conferences in 6 months???… Continue Reading

SNAP Creative Blogging Conference

{Warning:  You might need to budget 10 hours for this post. Not only am I informing you, but it’s my journal and I want to remember all these details and pictures, so they stay! I… Continue Reading

The Evolution of Women in Social Media Conference~EVO for bloggers

Sometimes it’s awkward to admit that I write a daily blog. Most of the time, it doesn’t come up in conversation “in real life”. For those that don’t participate in the blogging community–whether writing or… Continue Reading

Women’s Conference Chocolate Relaxation Room

A few weeks ago, I was asked to transform the stark white walls of a church classroom into a chocolate relaxation room for a women’s conference. There were classes going on throughout the building, all… Continue Reading

The Secrets of Blogging as a Business Part III

Do you want to know how start a blog, or just curious about bloggers? Come read the secrets!  If you missed the first two posts, you might want to read The Secrets of Blogging as a… Continue Reading

The Secrets of Blogging as a Business Part II

I’ve got some secrets to share, if you missed the first post, you might want to read The Secrets of Blogging as a Business Part I before jumping into this, The Secrets of Blogging as a… Continue Reading

The Secrets of Blogging as a Business Part I

Being a blogger is quite mysterious to those outside of the blogging world. Some may try to figure out How to Start a blog, while other people just don’t get it, think it’s funny, or are… Continue Reading

On My Mind~Texas Blogger Slumber Party

I loved slumber parties growing up. As an adult, they just don’t happen too often (if at all). I’ve definitely made it a point to keep connections with my gal pals over the years, and… Continue Reading

Win a Kitchen Aid Mixer, Target Gift Card, or some Amazing blogger Cookbooks!

My friend and dessert foodie blogger, Ashton at Something Swanky asked if I wanted to help her give away some fabulous gifts in honor of her birthday. I like to party, so I agreed whole… Continue Reading

Blogging Questions & Answers

I’ve had a good handful of blogging questions lately, so I thought I’d share a post full of the Q&A’s. I am no expert, these are just my thoughts and opinions. I consider myself a… Continue Reading

2013 Blog Goals

Ugh, I’m the worst at setting goals. I like to think that I’m constantly in a state of self improvement and don’t need January 1st to start the ball rolling for me. But it is… Continue Reading

Blogging Biz

I think I’ve mentioned before that I’ve gone through a bit of an identity crises in the last few months.  Not in my REAL life, just in this fun little online world we enjoy–that has… Continue Reading

Style files~what I wore to my conference

You did get a little sneak peek of my clothing on my post yesterday, but I actually didn’t even have any pics taken of me alone, so I did what any dedicated blogger would do…put all… Continue Reading