Our year in Review

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With 2015 coming to a close, I love putting together our Christmas card and letter. Besides informing friends and family that we don’t get to see very often what’s been going on, it’s a journal entry and summary for US to keep for years to come. Of course, I always love pictures, and love to send them AND receive them, but I’m also passionate about the written word, and love to share details and stories in our letter as well. I often have a page front and back paper, but this year, I’m going with my new goal of SIMPLIFY, and shared just some tidbits.

But, I felt limited with my space on our card, so I invited friends to come HERE to this very page to see MORE if they wanted to.  This is the pared down selective pictures summarizing our year.

First of all MERRY CHRISTMAS! We took some fun Santa themed pictures last week, you’ll have to wait a few more days to see THOSE, so check back on Christmas Eve!

Here is a snippet of our adventures in 2015, some have links to see more if you’d like to check those out.


15 year anniversary trip to Austin

tandem bike in Austin

Went to a cabin in the woods

cabin adventure

cabin in the woods

Dad coached AJ in her first term of volleyball





Family pictures at home in pajamas

family pictures at home

A.J. accompanied Kristen on  trip to Utah. She joined her at blog conference, then went to play with 2nd cousins. Brought back Great grandparents Ball to Texas

fun in the snow

Grandparents 90th photo session



Spring Break family exercise at the middle school track close by

st patricks day family


family track race

Father and son at iFly (year belated Christmas gift)


fly at ifly

Kristen was on a panel at South by Southwest about blogging

south by southwest panel


Youngest turns 6 with Frozen Birthday party and photo shoot

frozen photo shoot


Mother’s Day

mothers day

AJ was on a news segment with Kristen

news segment

Band field trippin’ with the boys to Schlitterbahn

field trippin with boys

Waiting out a tornado in a closet


8th Grade Graduation with buddies



Boys final soccer game with dad as coach (after 3 years all together)


soccer silhouette

AJ’s Emoji Party (see more on link)

emoji party

My husband, son, and I went on a Pioneer Trek re-enactment for 4 days, read all about it on the link!


Mother/Daughter pictures just because I wanted to for my birthday


Best Travel Luggage (and fun photo shoot)

best travel luggage

Out with some girls

friends in Austin


Visited Kristen’s Parents in Ghana, read all about it on the link!


children in Ghana


canopy walk

Stop off in London for 3 days, including family pictures


only have eyes for you

Getaway with Kristen’s siblings

siblings and cousins




End of Summer water slide adventure (click to see more)

end of summer waterslide adventure

Kids go back to school

first day of school

Early morning seminary for Tyler and Kristen

Garden of Eden in Early morning seminary


Ghanaian dresses arrive

Ghanaian dresses

Scooter to go to school…

scooter to school

Cross Country Meets

cross country meet



Just one meet the middle school ran with the high school (but they ran in different heats)


Our family cheered for both! Had to document our team spirit…

cheering on family


Girls talent show dance to Fight Song, choreographed by Kristen

girls talent show fight song

Husband turns 40 with a few surprises

family surprise

My husbands good friends and their wives joined us on a downtown adventure

limo ride for birthday

But first, we had to take our kids for a ride around the neighborhood…bringing along some friends, too

family limo ride

Husband and brothers backpack in Utah (surprise trip!)


My second teenager!


Paintball party in the cold rain with friends


Taylor Swift Concert for the girls

Taylor Swift concert

Halloween shenanigans

halloween fun


Tyler turns 15

birthday dinner

and gets his drivers permit

Tyler permit

Kristen and her siblings launch a new website: People Want to Know

people want to know


Kristen’s mom passes away in Africa, funeral services in Ogden, Utah and Houston, Texas. We smile because we know she lived a joyful life, and we will see her again and be a family.

moms funeral

You can see a tribute photo video I made for my mom

Wearing red for grandma

family love

family 4 wheeling in Utah

family 4 wheeler

Fall leaves

fall leaves

Temple Square

temple square

Boys 1st time skiing

boys skiing

Snowball fight with 2nd cousins

snow fight

Family in the snow

snow family

Family Selfie

family selfie

Kids laughing

kids laughing

Simba joins us (my mom’s dog)



3 Duke girls in a parade

dukes in a parade

Friends gather

friend gather

Santa and his reindeer–surprised the fam playing dress up, made the reindeer antlers out of paper

santa and reindeer

2 reindeer (in mom’s shirts)

2 reindeer

Have a very Merry Christmas!

Santa and his helpers

{See more of these on Christmas Eve HERE}

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