Cucumber Salad

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This Cucumber Salad Recipe: Cipriani Copycat is so simple to throw together and a delicious and healthy lunch at home or a crowd pleaser for an event. With cucumber, tomatoes, and corn as the base, everyone will surely love it.

Cucumber Salad Recipe: Cipriani Copycat

This Cucumber Salad is super yummy. Last year, I was in visiting Miami with 2 of my closest high school friends. See more pictures on that link, I shared some pictures from that trip, but also wanted to share the most delicious Cucumber Salad {copycat} Recipe that I had at a fancy restaurant, Cipriani, so thought I’d just combine the two today. How does that sound?  Feast your eyes on the re-creation of the salad I made. Maybe you don’t see pretty salads as eye candy, but I do. I truly love a delicious salad, and one I can make easily at home.

Cucumber Salad ingredients:

  1. Cucumber
  2. grape tomato
  3. corn
  4. avocado

This delightful fresh cucumber salad is so simple to make, and perfect for lunches at home, but also great for picnics in the summer!

This restaurant, Cipriani, is technically a chain, but only in Miami, Los Angeles, and New York in the US. Also in such places as: Abu Dhabi, Ibiza, Hong Kong, Venice, Mexico City, Monte Carlo, to name a few, in the event that you find yourself there. The view we had of the Biscayne Bay in downtown Miami was pretty cool, but inside was gorgeous with the nautical theme, and HUGE windows to let in a ton of natural light. I’m a natural light lover. {See a virtual tour HERE}

Here is a pic I got from their website, we sat in the booth on right, next to the window.

Cipriani Miami

Below is a picture of myself, Natalie, and Nicole as we faced the window with the pretty light. I met Nicole (in the middle) in kindergarten, but moved away until 9th grade when I moved back and met Natalie. These girls were in my classes at church, and we had the BEST time in high school! Nicole went to another school, but we got together whenever we could, and have some amazing memories from those days and college. I feel like I need to write a whole other post about these two…I digress…

friends at cipriani

Cipriani Restaurant in Miami

Back to Cipriani…I was pretty sure once we walked into the restaurant (where we were meeting my friend’s friend) that it was going to cost more than I would have liked it to. I don’t like spending more than $20 on any meal, but I had to suck it up, remind myself I’m on vacation, this is not typical, and not be the annoying one complaining about the prices when someone else picked the spot.

I WAS just going to order a $30 meal, but I got peer pressured into a salad, so I reluctantly selected the $20 cucumber salad. Cucumbers are delicious to me…so why not. My friend warned us that her friend would likely pay the bill, which I did not like that idea, but when I was the only one not ordering the salad, and he was encouraging it, I felt it would be rude not to. WEIRD situation, and either way, I figured I can handle $50, even if I don’t want to. {Phone picture of my Cipriani Salad below}

Cucumber Salad Recipe: Cipriani Copycat

The salad came out.

I took a bite.

I fell in love.

It was so delightfully light and delicious, I was then so glad I ordered that $20 salad!  When I asked the waiter what the dressing was that gelled the ingredients together, I knew it was something I could easily assemble at home, and I was so happy. I don’t remember my $30 main dish being that memorable, but the $20 salad, it was worth it. As predicted, her friend fought to pay, I fought just as hard to pay (though I was secretly wishing I would lose the battle), and in the end, he won. He then drove off in a Ferrari, so I didn’t feel TOO bad…but sorta.

Back to the salad!

You ready for this simplicity?

I’ve only made a single serving, so that’s what I’ll share right now, but double or quadruple, according to your crowd.

Cucumber Salad Recipe: Cipriani Copycat

Author: Kristen Duke
  • 1 cucumber large
  • 1 cup grape tomato
  • 1/2 cup corn
  • 1/2 avocado cubed
  • 1 T olive oil
  • 2 T red wine vinegar
  • 1/2 tsp balsamic vineger
  • 1/2 tsp pepper to tast
  • 1/2 tsp lemon
  1. Slice cucumber

  2. half the tomatoes

  3. mix with corn

  4.  In a bowl, mash avocado with lemon or lime (both are great and keep it from browning with a little flavor), add the oil and vinegar and pepper. 

  5. I always hate it when people say "add to taste" in recipes, but the red wine vinegar is really to taste, or you can omit it altogether. It's just to add a kick and make the avocado a bit runnier like a dressing. 

  6. The balsamic lends the flavor to taste like a caprice salad, which I love.

Simple ingredient picture {excluding my avocado, because he was brown and not so pretty}

Cucumber Salad Recipe: Cipriani Copycat

Here is a fun little picture of my friends at I in 1996 and 2016–20 years apart!  {My camera is definitely better in 2016!}

friends over 20 years

Go ahead and make yourself a delicious Cucumber Salad, and tell me how you like it. I ate it 2 days in a row, I need to go grab the ingredients again!

Cucumber Salad Recipe: Cipriani Copycat

If you want to see more about my trip to Miami, click the link to see more pictures!

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