Goji Berry Smoothie Recipe

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I’ve really been trying to incorporate more smoothies into my diet. In January, I issued a smoothie challenge, to have a group effort in more consuming smoothies, and I did nearly the entire month with a smoothie a day. I thought I’d share a smoothie recipe that I recently concocted, and find myself I’m making day after day. {Some links may contain affiliates}

I’ve been following some healthy eating accounts on instagram and saw them writing about Goji berries, and became intrigued. I thought I’d check them out. Goji berries are an exotic fruit not often found in the US. I was able to find dried Goji berries on Amazon, and ordered them. This recipe has other fruits in it, too, but the goji berries just make it great.

4 ingredient Goji Berry Smoothie recipe

Here are some facts about Goji berries:

  • packed with Vitamin A and C
  • Great source of fiber
  • named as the longevity berry
  • also known as wolfberries
  • healing abilities to strengthen immune system
  • most nutrient rich superfruit of the world!

Goji Berry Pineapple Strawberry Smoothie

Are you ready for the simple 4 ingredients?

  1. Goji berries (1/4 cup)
  2. pineapples (1/2 cup)
  3. strawberries (1 cup)
  4. almond milk (1-2 cups)

I just throw it in my favorite blender, my Blendtec, and the mesh together into pure yumminess. I love pineapple in anything, and I thought it would be strong enough, paired with strawberries, but I found the flavor to be bland. When I throw in the tart goji berries, it really makes the flavor so much more delicious!

Goji Berry smoothie

Go ahead, grab some Goji berries…you’ll thank me later!

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Here are my favorites for smoothies, along with an easy link to the Goji Berries we have {this is an Amazon link, no additional for you, but they reward me if you buy through my link}

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