Guest Room Makeover in Progress with Sherwin-Williams

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I’m so excited to share the first pictures in our Guest Room Makeover-in-Progress with Sherwin-Williams. I kind-of hate admitting that we have a guest room. It seems so…so…ritzy, and I don’t feel like I’m that way at all. We do have a beautiful home that I’m very grateful for, but recognize not everyone has a room like this that waits for guests. I have been dragging my feet to share about this room, because I’ve wanted to wait until it is DONE to share it, but I have had a lapse in creativity with home decorations the past year, and I’m here to ask you for your help and suggestions!!!

Guest Room Bedding from Potter Barn


With 4 kids and 4 bedrooms, we are blessed to have a “spare room” that stays empty a lot of the time, mainly because we’ve chosen to have our boys share a room, and our girls share a room, and I hope to always keep it that way.


So far, they all love it, so I have no plans to alter that!  But I LOVE having a great space for our guests when they come, I’d hardly say it’s been EMPTY!

My parents live 3 hours away, and for the past nearly 5 years that we’ve been in our home, it’s been a great spot for them to escape to when they come, and unload their bags without kids rummaging through them. I also had all my brothers here in Texas the past few years, and we were fortunate to have them crash here on weekend visits. MY husbands family, high school friends, etc. have all been able to use this room without shuffling around the kids. A year ago, we were also fortunate enough to be able to take in my husband’s sister and family for 6 months while they looked for a job, and that room was their own little corner of the house. I love having an “open door” policy with out-of-town friends, and I hope they know they can ALWAYS drop in for a place to stay!

Last September, when I hosted a few blogging friends for a weekend at my home, I forced myself to get the room painted and with a bedspread, that would be worthy of my DIY creative friends to sleep in. My friends at Sherwin-Williams helped me out in the paint department, which was fabulous, because I LOVE their paint! The quality is exceptional, and it doesn’t stink like others!

Sherwin Williams

Here is my attempt to perfectly throw the throw on the bed, as if it’s there all the time like that. Look how perfectly made that bed is, I should do that for my bed, too. Make it, that is.

How to decide on paint colors

Here are the paint colors from Sherwin-Williams that I used for this room:

  • The light gray on 3 walls is Knitting Needles (SW 7672)
  • The white on the ceiling is Snowbound (SW 7004)
  • The navy accent wall is Dignity Blue (SW 6804)

I’ve passed along the gray color to many people, it’s my new favorite neutral. It was also used in my Living Room, and in two bathrooms that I haven’t done anything else to, yet. I also think the Navy is the PERFECT compliment to the green bedding.

Pottery Barn Bedding

I had ripped a picture of this bedding out of the Pottery Barn catalog a good year before I purchased it, and it hung in my office and I mulled over the color scheme for that space. 4 years ago I had a whole other color palate in my head, and it turned a complete 360!

navy bedding

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the color combo of Kelly Green and Navy blue, and very happy with how it turned out.

Details of items in the room:

  • The green patterned bedspread is  from Pottery Barn Teen, and is the Peyton Duvet Cover + Sham in Kelly Green (on sale now, it’s been there over a year, so may not be there too much longer)
  • I got 2 accent pillows, the white lamp, and the blanket casually draped over the bed, from Target. (Will update with links when I find them).
  • The Fanimation Fan on the ceiling is from National Builder Supply a good year ago. It’s only got 2 blades, but it’s a great tornado in the summer when it’s hot up there!
  • The mirror above the bed is from Hobby Lobby, and I almost took it back 2 years ago right after I got it, but I lost the receipt, so it sat in my room all that time, waiting….until I decided what to do with it….and I like it here!
  • Drapes and 1 pillow made by my local friend Lori from fabric I gave her.
  • The two cute bedside tables in pale yellow, I found at Good Will for $15 each (found them when I was hunting for the perfect dresser to paint red for our playroom).  I kinda like the touch of yellow here, but not sure I love this shade.
  • My husband made the headboard (this was our first Master bed) and armoire.

Kelly Green and Navy Bedroom

This is where YOU come in. I’ve got it painted, and one mirror hung on the wall, but I can’t decide what else to do with this room! So I’m going to list some questions below, answer 1 or all, I’d love some input and feedback! I don’t know how to NOT decorate with pictures, and I’m just kinda stumped here! I’ve actually thought about decorating this room with landscape pictures from our travels, but the wall is so long and awkward, I just can’t decide where to start. I have this white armoire that my husband built me nearly 10 years ago that could have a TV in it, but I’m not sure where to put it in the room, and it all depends on what I do to decorate that big wall.  There is also an older rocking chair that I just can’t get rid of, as the only real seating in there besides the bed.


  1. Where would you put the chair?
  2. Where would you but the armoire?
  3. How to arrange pictures or artwork on that walls space?
  4. What color to paint bed side tables?
  5. What color/type of lamp for other side of table–same or different as one there?
  6. Hang something to the left of the window?
  7. Hang something above side tables?

Also, I already know that I need a bigger/longer curtain rod. This one got slapped up just hours before my aforementioned friends came into town, and it totally under estimated on the size. I also want to put more backing on the drapes, but I guess if they weren’t in front of the window light, the dark navy would show up better.

Here are two pictures of the wall I’m seeking advice for. Long and empty! It does have one little canvas of the Golden Gate Bridge on it though.  I thought about a shelf going along the length of it, about 2 feet down from the ceiling, with lots of frames and travel pictures on it.

big wall in guest room

guest room blank wall


Navy and Green Bedroom

That’s it, folks! All of the angles you could ever desire of this room/space. I’ve got one wall down, now need some help on the rest!  I can’t for the life of me find a good “before” picture, just imagine beige walls with nothing on them!Navy and gray paint colors

To see other rooms in our home, you might enjoy our Home Tour! I like color.

Disclosure: I was compensated in the form of paint for this post, all opinions are my own.

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  1. Nicole says:

    I am so not good at offering decorating advice. That’s why I read creative blogs! 🙂

    I would say that you are lacking something along that long wall. I don’t think I like the idea of a shelf 2 feet from the ceiling. Reminds me of the look I had in my room when I was in high school, so it seems dated to me (maybe I am wrong on that!). That long wall is begging for some color. What about some really fun colorful drawer pulls/knobs for the armoire? Can you recover the rocking chair with some color?

    And I think with your guests staying there, they wouldn’t feel like they were staying with you if you didn’t decorate with some of your awesome photography. You always do a great job with framing!

    I think the armoire and chair placement is fine as is.

    Looking forward to seeing what others say and what you decide to do!

    • Kristen Duke says:

      Thanks for your feedback, Nicole! I do like the idea of more colorful drawer pulls, thanks for suggesting that! And yeah, my high school bedroom had that shelf, now that you mention it…and yes, I do have plans to recover the chair, that would definitely jazz it up. I guess the wall/pictures is my big STUMPER! Thanks for the thoughts on my guests loving the travel photography, I have lots of that, that I just don’t know where to put it!

  2. Sandi C says:

    OHHH, I really like where this room is going!
    I like the rocker where it is, I also kinda like the yellow tables, but what about a pinky coral or turquoise for that POP of color. I like Nicole’s idea about the colorful Knobs. I think you the lamp might need to be a bit bigger, or taller but I like the shape. Set it on top of a stack of old books spray painted to match. (like in wedding decor) I like the shelf idea, and what about a shape that mimics the pattern on the bed, (like a stop sign, is that a hexagon? ) for the gallery wall idea. Will you be sharing your wifi password? there are cute signs (dry erase) to share that. and what about a mirror….
    or put shelves on either side of the window, put a tv in the armoire and put it in the corner? and the rocker on the other side of the bed? All that being said, I Love how You decorated your home. I have ‘stolen’ a few of your ideas, because you have inspired me NOT to be afraid of color! Thank you.

    • Kristen Duke says:

      Thank you, Sandi! I love to hear that I’ve inspired you not to be afraid of summer, that means so much to me!!! Thanks for taking the time to offer your thoughts, too. I LOVE the idea of the books under the lamp, I’m not good with all of that height stuff. Yes, a fun sign for the wifi password and other “guest needs” is a great idea! And hexagon stop sign is a fun idea, too. Definitely needs a little TV in there…just on the back burner, I guess…ha! I mean, I want our guests to chat with us, not watch TV! But yeah, nice idea.

      • Sandi C says:

        not an actual stop sign, just repeatring the pattern…. 🙂 🙂 Have FUN!

        • Kristen Duke says:

          yes, got it, but a stop sign (in blue or green) would be fun, too!

  3. danielle says:

    Might be fun to have a cork board with pictures of people who stay in the room. Kind of like how they have framed photos of famous people at restaurant. 🙂

    • Kristen Duke says:

      I love that idea! I have a polaroid camera that would be fun to snap a pic, thanks for suggesting that!

  4. Joani Moeller says:

    With your green and the navy blue, you could really take one of those colors and do that dresser really cute. Maybe a milk paint and some wax. Just take a chance.

  5. Terri Chadwick says:


    I am a big fan of using color in the home. My living room is navy. All the walls. The rest of the room is done is blues and yellows. I’m a big fan of country French.

    I would paint the whole room blue. That big expanse of griege just doesn’t appeal to me, especially since it’s the wall people will be looking at while in bed.

    I think the end tables would look good in a matching Kelly green. The yellow just doesn’t match to me.

    I can’t really tell how far the opening to the room is from where the armoire is. I like the idea of changing our the knobs. I would use black. I have read and been told that every room needs black as it grounds the room.

    I agree about the lamp needing to be bigger and higher. It looks a little lost on the table. I think mounting some lights over the bed or over the table would add more to your wall and give more space on your tables.

    If you still liked the idea of putting the wood shelf along the wall, by making that wall navy and your shelf white it would really pop. I wouldn’t put it all the way across. Maybe just parts of it, with larger pictures, photos in between. Go back to hobby lobby and I am sure you could pick up some great items to perhaps make a collage on that wall.

    A mirror some where would be a must for me. A white one!

    I think the curtains definitely need to be changed. Something green, blue and white.

  6. Marie Kimber says:

    Oh my gosh, this bedding and bedroom combo is gorgeous! My son is crazy about the color green. I think i just found the perfect bedding for him for when we move him into his own room. LOVE THIS!! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Marie Kimber says:

    p.s. I think the armoire is great where it is. I would choose nostalgic family prints to put in square frames in a line above the armoire (does that make sense?). I think the chair is fine where it is. Maybe a nice big mirror to the left of the armoire (if you’re looking at the armoire face on) so whoever stays there can make sure they look good. It would also serve for a great mirror for singing in for your girls (did that many a time with my sisters – awesome memories). This room is really beautiful.