#039 Podcast: How to Raise Teenagers

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If you want to know how to raise teenagers, then you will enjoy listening to this parenting podcast episode of Beyond Good Intentions. It was really fun for me to interview my son Matthew, and though I don’t have it all figured out, I asked him for tips for parents raising teens! I have loved interviewing teenagers, and hearing from their perspective what life is like. And I think it’s beneficial for other parents to hear as well!

I wish you could all REALLY know my Matthew. I often have adults who have been a teacher of his, or observed him and said, “that Matthew, he’s pretty great.” He is comfortable with adults, which tends to be rare with some teens. It warms my heart to see that others see in him what I do: His pure goodness. He’s got a mind like a sponge, anxious to learn about life, inquisitive, thoughtful, introspective.

In our chat, we were pretty much all over the place, so bear with me! I thought about editing out some random questions/comments and lulls, but I just didn’t want to.

Here are a few links to things we talked about:

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