Kids Ice Cream Birthday Party

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The Kids Ice Cream Birthday Party is great not only for celebrating an individual child, but a great summer party theme, too! You’ll sure enjoy the ice cream cone banner we made, too!

Ice Cream Party table decorationsA Kids Ice Cream Birthday Party is surely a good time for kids and adults alike! I had such a great time putting this together for my daughter, the ice cream lover.

It was filled with lots of fun decorations and details. When I asked her in the month or two before her birthday, what theme she wanted to do for a party, she immediately bursted out her two favorite toys to receive: Lego Friends and Shopkins. Though I could have gone with one of them (and did look up ideas for inspiration) I really am not a fan of creating a party theme around consumerism/toys. I like it to be more dream-like, including other things she loves besides plastic materialism, you know? She loves ice cream though, and got excited about the idea once I mentioned it. What’s fun about this, is it’s also a great SUMMER party theme, it doesn’t have to be just for a birthday party. A lot of the ideas can be a boredom buster summer activity. So without further adieu…


I linked up to almost all of the table decor at the very bottom of this post, so check that out for details!  I LOVE throwing theme parties, if you’d like to see tips for how to throw a theme party, I shared 10 of them on that link!

First, my girl read a book to her friends. I love to start with a book, calm down the excitement of the group. I love those inflatable ice cream cones (see below for details) Such a fun element to hang around the room.

Ice Cream Party table decorations

Then we played a fun ice cream game (link below). I’m grateful for the assistance of my husband for parties!

Ice Cream Party table decorations

Then a little pin the cherry on the ice cream cone (free printable coming soon).

Ice Cream Party table decorations

They all thought this was pretty fun, but took a LONG time with a big group. We didn’t want to leave out anyone in her school class, plus friends from church, equals a gaggle of girls.

Ice Cream Party table decorations

Ice Cream Party table decorations

As a craft activity, we made some ice cream cone headbands with edible cones. They won’t last too long, but they can dismantle it later and make it non-edible.  Had my awesome helpers on hand to help with that.

Ice Cream Party table decorations

Group picture with their cone headbands.

Ice Cream Party table decorations

How about a close up on the cake?

Upside down ice cream cone birthday cake

The table is always fun for me to decorate, especially with fun labels (download those below).Ice Cream Party table decorations

Found some fun candies and lip gloss as favors…Ice Cream Party table decorations

And of course, I had to dress myself to match the decor, as I have in all of my other partiesIce Cream Party table decorations

Any I love my girl getting all enthusiastic. But what about that cake? I found a new cake lady locally, and I LOVE her! Amie’s Edibles.  The ice cream cone banner tutorial is coming soon, and don’t you just love the pennant banner? Swiped it from my girls fancy roomIce Cream Party table decorations


Ice Cream Party table decorations

My older daughter loved carrying in all the gifts from friends…Ice Cream Party table decorations

I sure love this girl, and I love celebrating her to the fullest!


Ice Cream Party table decorations

To download the printable banner and water bottle labels, click below:

Ice Cream Printables

For a full ice cream cone banner tutorial  check that link, as well download the pin the cherry on the ice cream game.

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Here are some of the items from our party. The only thing not exact is the lip gloss, we found ours at Target, but this one is pretty dang cute, too. Links contain affiliates (which are no extra cost to you, but I earn a small percentage from Amazon).

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