Memorize a Scripture in April

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Happy Sunday! This is the 4th installment of sharing these scripture pages, and I just love them so much! I hope they can help those of you out there that want to join in our journey to memorize a scripture a month, too!Memorize Scriptures

I shared my thoughts and tips on memorizing scriptures in my first post about it.  I think visual images paired with the words really help in memorizing. The fun pictures will get stuck in the brain, and help in the memorizing process.

The first scripture is Isaiah 5:20. It’s a great reminder to me AND my kids about the importance of making good choices.

Then I’ve got Ether 12:4 that talks all about HOPE and Faith.  I love the cute little puppy picture at the end!

Download this months scriptures:

April Scriptures_Isaiah

April Scriptures_Ether

Have you printed off any of the past months scriptures? I’d love to hear how it is going!

In case you missed the others, check them out.

I’ve also created a PDF version of 25 Scriptures to Memorize in the Old Testament with smaller bookmarks, too. Check it out! {Click image below or link to left}

Old Testament

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