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Do you have kids that love the Marvel superhero’s such as the Hulk, Spiderman, Batman, and Ironman? I’ve got a set of jokes perfect for you today! With the new Avenger’s Captain America: Civil War movie coming out, I think everyone is extra excited about their superhero’s these days, and the kids will surely love these jokes coming their way for lunch each day.

Superhero Lunchbox Jokes for kidsDo you have a favorite superhero? Superhero Lunch Jokes will make your kids smile. I’ve always loved the black and yellow of batman, but in the recent movies, that Ironman is pretty funny.  I’ll admit, I’m not the first to run out for the new superhero movies coming out, I’ll often send my boys with my husband, but I’ll join them at home when they watch it for the second time a few months later. I prefer suspenseful movies at home, that way I can multi task, and I don’t have to get too emotionally invested in the characters. I don’t care for suspense, so if I can be looking at a magazine, or uploading pictures to my phone for my chatbooks, then that’s what I prefer to do while watching a movie.

Now, to download the superhero jokes, click below:

Superhero Lunch Jokes

Kids of all ages love ’em, and so do their friends! Even my teens. My 15 year old told me that he and his friends went through all of the jokes from the past few months, and decided on what they thought was the BEST joke.

What is the best Christmas present you can get? A broken drum, you just can’t beat it!

Want more lunch jokes? I’ve got lots! My friend even sends them to work in her husband’s lunch, it’s not just for kids!

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Do you have a favorite superhero???

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