Adding Dimension to your Photography

If you’ve studied a little bit of photography, I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “depth of field” being thrown around.  I remember when I first learned about it, I was confused.   Depth/Dimension=the same thing. I remember I didn’t quite “get it” when talking about depth, but for some reason when I use the word dimension, it makes more sense. To have dimension in photography, it looks more life-like, more real, 3D–if you will. When taking a picture on “auto” you won’t get that same depth, often referred to as “flat” images (say NO to auto here). If you’re using a zoom lens (on auto) it does show more depth, and sometimes you’ll get lucky.  Having dimension is where part of the image is in focus, and part of the image is out of focus, therefore appearing more REAL. Let’s talk about this image below of the blooming tree branch in my former backyard:Adding Dimension to photography

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Isn’t it beautiful, the pink flowers up against the crisp blue sky? I love this image so much, I printed it big for my home. Funny enough, my husband doesn’t love the partially blurry images b/c he has bad eyesight and he says it makes him feel like his eyesight is worse, ha! Anyway, I’m over at the New York Institute of Photography today, talking about How to Add Dimension to Photos, so I’d love if you check it out! I’d also love if you pin the image above, because NYIP loves me a little bit more if people click over from my site to their site, it lets them know I sent you;)

To read tips on HOW to add dimension to your photography, CLICK HERE. I talk about Aperture, lenses, framing, and distance as a little sneaky inside information.

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  1. Ahhhhhh someday I will splurge & get a real DSLR camera – AND learn how to use it properly. I have a bridge camera – a Canon Powershot SX40. Which is still better than a regular point & shoot, but can’t do lots of the cool stuff you talk about. I’ve just never had the time to learn about all the aspects, what the different lenses do – guess that will be on my list of things to do when I retire (in about 15 years hahaa)
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