Humanitarian Trip: Ghana Make a Difference Children’s Home

When I knew for sure that we were going to travel to Ghana in Africa, I really wanted to have the opportunity for a humanitarian effort, to help my kids get their hearts involved in the country. At the same time, we realized that my oldest son was in need of an Eagle Scout project idea, and I had the lightbulb-in-my-head idea to combine the two. My dad has been working with The Hoffman’s at their newly built children’s home, Ghana Make a Difference, and suggested we get in contact with them about a project idea. I’ll share more details about the actual project in the next post, but this is all about the home. Since this is my record of the trip, I’m sharing LOTS of pictures, enjoy the beautiful children!

Family Travel to Africa with Humanitarian Trip to Ghana make a difference Children's Home

First of all, let me share that the term children’s home is preferred to orphanage. … Continue Reading

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