Bird and Branch Baby Shower

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My dear friend Shelley is expecting baby #3, and after 2 boys, I was so excited to help her celebrate her first girl!! After all, that’s the order I went, and I know that excitement of all things girly. She has a bit of a bird & branch them going in her nursery, in pink, green, & gray, so that’s the theme with went with for the Birdie Baby Shower.

Pink and green baby shower for girls

My fabulous friend Caroline helped me put all of this together, and I am SO grateful for her creative assistance!

I generally do all parties on my own with a few picture texts to Lorie or Kelli for help, so having someone there to help me craft and bounce ideas off of was amazing!  She is a dear local friend, who has kids that match up with all of mine, except she has an extra girl in-between my two girls (click on her name to see their first family pics I’ve taken, one of my faves).

I love how the colors came together, and all the sweet little details. As I mentioned in my party planning post, having basic white and silver dishes help the colors pop from the food.

Bird and branch baby shower

Speaking of the food, we only had 4 treats, and I didn’t make any of them, it was fabulous! I like to focus on decorations, and have my tried and true favorites for fun thematic and colorful treats.

First, is Nanny & Weebs decorative cookies. They made some for the Ballerina Party and the Neon Party, and I was so grateful she was available to make some for this baby shower!  She is an amazing artist with her designs, I have been blown away each time I relay a concept, and seeing how it is implemented!  The rattles? The birds? The onesies??? SO CUTE! Shipped ever so delicately to my door from Ohio.

Nanny and Weebs Decorative Cookies

The cute chocolate covered oreo’s are from Sweet Temptations. So simple, so delicious, so pretty!  I am slightly obsessed with the polka dot version, also shipped so carefully to my door from New Jersey.

decorative cookies

Both of those companies are NOT local, and they ship right to my door! So heavenly, if you ask me! No arranging for pick up, it’s a quick 2 day travel, even in the 100 degree Texas weather, they were not affected (melted). I love cute treats, and I can’t make them cute, so it’s worth it to me to contract that out!

There is a local gal I found that makes cute and yummy cake pops at Mon Aimee, so I did pick them up, but she lives SUPER close to me!  If you order from any of them, tell them I sent you!! (You may get a discount;)

party food

Since I love throwing parties, I have collected paper lanterns in all colors over the past few years. Hobby Lobby sells a 3 pack for $6 that often goes on 40% off, so I stock up!  I keep them flattened in bins, and it’s my favorite party decoration. They make such a great statement!  I also found little birds, eggs, and nests at Hobby Lobby that helped pull together the party details.

party decor

I was very pleased with how it all came together. The bunting banner on the table and in party room are in Target’s party section by color.  The canvas flower pedal backdrop was made because I saw my friend Shelley had something similar pinned on her “baby girl nursery” pin board. The Lemon Lime bars were made by my friend Alysha from a recipe I sent her (click on that link to see). These Key Lime Bars were also a contender. Now I want to make both!  I also had the green and pink giant gum balls saved from past parties–don’t eat the gum balls! They are a fabulous party decoration, too.

lime green and pink

I found a fun Baby Shower Party Game that was simple. I’m not a big fan of too many games because I think people prefer to chat and eat, but I got this one as a gathering activity while guests trickled in. It was a Nursery Rhyme guessing game, some I’d never even heard before!  The trio bird wreath is embroidery hoops wrapped in fabric, a design I used from the Hobby Lobby craft suggestion flier near the birds. Caroline crafted it, and we gave it to Shelley for her room. It’d also look perfect in my office.

free printable

Here is a pic of Caroline, Shelley, and me. The party planners sandwiching the expectant momma.


It was dark by the time we opened presents, but I still took some picture, and without a flash, so this is what I got!  My fab local photographer friend, Jennifer Polson grabbed my camera and snapped some of me as I worked the “scribe” roll.

Guests at Baby Shower

My girls helped out, and were the gift couriers. They loved that job, and actually fought over who handed her the gifts. Mostly, my youngest tried to push hers every time. You can see my Nautical Inspired Mantle in the background, and  if you look closely, you can see the Decorating with Pictures display I’m working on. My goal was to get it up that night (I finished the day before).

It was a great night, a fabulous turnout out of friends, with so many fun baby girl outfits shared! Yay for babies!

Bird Baby Shower

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