Learn a Word a Week in March

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Has anyone been printing these signs to learn a word a week? My kids seriously LOVE it! With all things, it’s hit or miss. They could love it, they could be indifferent. But I’ve printed set 1 and set 2, and have put the word of the week in a prominent spot in our family room, and the kids (all 4 of them) are eating it up, and think it’s so fun to use the words–and pass weeks words! They are remembering to rotate the words, and if I don’t have these printed up by Sunday night, they are going to be nagging me to get it done. I’m so glad they like it!  This is just a simple activity to encourage a little family fun and learning at the same time. As I said in my intro post, memorizing words with your families does 3 things.

Benefits to learning difficult words:

  1. Increase intelligence
  2. Boost self esteem
  3. Camaraderie with family

Now, I give you, the 5 words in March, set 3!

Memorize a Word a Week with your kids set 3

Some words are series, some words are silly, all have a definition and example sentence.

Make a fun family activity out of it like we have.

Download set 3 here:

Memorize in March

Grab past words (5 words in each set)

To watch a little video I put together about how to use the word of the week, you can do that here:

Here are links to the words of the week for the rest of the year, you can use them anytime, but if you want to do them monthly, that’s how they are arranged.



Please tell me I’m not doing this alone and others are having fun with it, too! Anyone??

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