Memorize a Word a Week in April

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It’s that time again! Have you been playing along with our word a week…challenge…I guess you could call it?  My kids are loving it, and I love the feedback I’ve had from others that are participating along with us. One reader said even her college kids that don’t live at home are playing along via text, and it’s been a great way to keep tabs on each other–I LOVE it! Here are our April words!

Memorize a Word a week with your Kids: April words

To download April words, grab them here: April – Words of the Week

For more Family Fun activities, check out the FAMILY FUN tab or HOLIDAYS!

To watch a little video I put together about how to use the word of the week, you can do that here:

Here are links to the words of the week for the rest of the year, you can use them anytime, but if you want to do them monthly, that’s how they are arranged.

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