Memorize a Word a Week in December

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If you’ve been following along with memorizing a word a week each month, you’ll be happy to see that I’m sharing the December words BEFORE December starts! You guys have been so patient with me, and I’m just happy you like this idea as much as I have. For those new, I’ve shared 5 words each month that you can print and enjoy a fun family activity learning new (and sometimes odd/silly) words together. I’ve had some people message me and say they do it by text to family members spread across different states, and that just warms my heart. Our family is hit and miss, a few months I neglected to print off the words! But, there is always next year, and you can bring them out each month. This is the last month I’ll be sharing them though, so you’ll be on your own if you want new words after this. To see the past months, go here: Memorize a word a week.

Memorize words with your kids to build confidence

In that first post, last January, I highlight all the reasons this is a great family activity, including boosting kids confidence and simple family fun. The hardest part is printing it out (ask me!) and then just hang it in a prominent spot. We rotate words, 1 a week.

Download December words: december-word-of-the-week

To watch a little video I put together about how to use the word of the week, you can do that here:

Here are links to the words of the week for the rest of the year, you can use them anytime, but if you want to do them monthly, that’s how they are arranged.

60 words total!!!

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