Memorize a Word a Week in June

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We are on the 6th installment of the Memorize a Word a Week series, and I’ve loved hearing that others are enjoying this activity with their families! Some are silly, some are serious, all are enriching our understanding, and having fun with our family! I print mine out, and hang the new word each week in a family space where everyone can see it, and we try to use it throughout the week.

Memorize a Word a Week with your Kids

I know that as we have fun with learning with our kids, it will help them build confidence, and isn’t that what we want most in our children? To believe they can achieve? Ok, I didn’t intend to rhyme, but you gotta admit rhyme’s make things stick better.

There are 5 words each month, introduce them as you see fit in your family.

Here are the 5 words for the month of JUNE:

June – Silly Word of the Week

Just click. print. hang. memorize.

Which is your favorite word this month or this year?? Anything stuck in your family beyond the week it’s introduced?

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