Pineapple Party Games

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Pineapple party games were all the rage at our recently hosted a Flamingo Pineapple Party and I had the Pin the Glasses on the Pineapple game created by my designer, and I’m sad we didn’t get a chance to play! I still wanted to make sure I shared this print to those who would want to play in the future.

Pineapple Party GamesThough we didn’t play this pineapple party game, I used the 16×20 print as a decoration on my fireplace mantel for the party. I was going to take it down and give each girl a pair of glasses, but my printer was having issues, and didn’t end up playing this game. It’s great for a summer party though, doesn’t have to be around the pineapple theme!

My girls and I hosted a Mother Daughter Party with a handful of friends, and enjoyed some fun games and activities. I dreamed up a fun theme of a Flamingo Pineapple party, which isn’t a NEW idea, but I got all excited about it a month ago. It started when I was going to throw a birthday party for myself (my birthday was a week later) but then I didn’t want to name it a “birthday party” because I didn’t want my friends to feel they had to bring gifts. So it was just a Mother Daughter Party. Click on that link to read the games we played and other ideas to do a gathering of your own!

I love doing fun things with my girls, they are truly my bestie’s, and at 12 and 8 they still like to party with me, so I’ll take it as long as I can get it. This Pineapple Party Game is fun for a party or just with your kids to beat the summer blues.

So here is the deal. The PRINT is a 16×20 .jpg. I print mine at Sams Club and it’s pretty cheap (under $10) Make sure you turn off the auto correct there or at Costco. Then the sunglasses are a PDF that you can print at home and cut out.

If you love pineapples, you may enjoy this Be a Pineapple Inspirational quote and coloring page that we also shared as a party favor at the party.

Be a Pineapple

I also shared the Flamingo inspirational print along with the party.

Flamingo Inspirational Quote and Coloring Page

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If you’d like to see all the party details, click on the image below.

Flamingo Pineapple Party

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