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Sometimes scripture study can feel overwhelming. I’m sharing my favorite ways to study my scriptures in hopes it will help someone else.

Ideas for scripture study

This weekend, I was asked to teach a class to women, as well as teen girls 16 and older, all about scripture study. We have an area women’s conference at our church once a year, and I felt honored to be asked, after having been an attendee for years. However, when they asked me to speak on enhancing our scripture study, I was pretty sure they got the wrong gal. Don’t they know that this has actually been a struggle for me?

You see, I LOVE the scriptures, I love a good discussion on the stories, principles, and doctrine contained within the scriptures, and I am a faith seeking person. However, the “study” part of it for me has never come easy. Academics are not my strong suite. Reading comprehension does not come natural to me. I often read a page of scripture (or any other book) unsure what exactly I read by the end of the page.

However, I’ve found some tricks…some things that work for me..and maybe, it’s possible, I do have something to offer that might be different from another scripture study class. My own personal spin and take on how to enhance your scripture study.

So I thought I’d type up my lesson outline, and share the printables here on my website that I shared in my class.


At the beginning of the class, I asked the group to think about a challenge, struggle, or concern in their life. Something that you could benefit from more personal revelation. Once something comes to mind, I asked them to write it down on a paper without a name, and put it in a box I passed around the room.

I then showed one of my favorite mini videos. At just over 2 minutes, it’s the best visual for my favorite scripture, that I hold dear as a theme of my life, Helaman 5:12. The video is called, Spiritual Whirlwinds.

I love memorizing scriptures as a method of scripture study. I realized a long time ago the benefits of memorizing scriptures, and I’ve aimed to encourage that in my family as well. For a while we tried to memorize a scripture a month, and I shared a lot of those on my website here for others as well.

For many years, I figured I was scripturally fed “well enough.” I was keeping busy with service, family scripture study, I felt “good.” But then a friend shared something that really changed my thinking. She helped me realize that I needed that extra ounce of spiritual power that comes from personal revelation by doing everything I can do be receptive to the Spirit.

Not just for me to be strong, but for me to be readily listening for those promptings in my mothering journey. To have faith and not fear. I found a very big difference in feeling less fearful when I found myself in a daily study.

I didn’t want to omit myself from that opportunity.

I had to do my part. I had to do more.

I wanted that for myself more than ever before.

When I was in college, I took a Keys to Scripture Study class that gave me the framework for an effective study that I’ve taken with me throughout my life.

Plan on a set time, such as 30 minutes (instead of a section of text).

  1. Pray before studying
  2. Read, but search footnotes and references
  3. Write in a journal thoughts, impressions, rewriting text that stands out
  4. Ponder on those thoughts
  5. Close with a prayer

I haven’t always done this, but I feel it’s been beneficial when I have.

Here are a few other thoughts that I made into a bookmark for more effective study:

>>Download the bookmark here: Scripture Study bookmark

Scripture Study

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>>Below are some other resources that you can find on my website.

Scripture Study Aids Available for purchase (I paid a designer to create these for my seminary classes, and have charge a small fee to break even):

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Some of these aids are specific to my faith as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (nicknamed “Mormons”), and if you have an interest in learning more about what that means to me, here are a few posts I’ve written about my faith:


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