Tips for Family Pictures from a Mom and a Photographer

Is this how you feel as you are prepping for family pictures??


I actually DO love taking family pictures, every year if not twice a year, but it doesn’t mean I don’t get stressed, too!



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What is the biggest reason you don’t have family pictures taken every year?

  • Price
  • Cooperation (embrace their personalities) buffalo plaid
  • Clothes hard to put together
  • Mom wants to lose weight (don’t wait for that–take them and feel joy when you are smaller next time)

How to Choose a Photographer (or not)

  • Follow their social media (My site all family)
  • Offer a trade
  • Ask a friend
  • Tripod and do it yourself

How to Choose Location


The Great Outdoors1enjoying-family-pictures


How to Decide What to Wear


How to prep your family and NOT get stressed out

  • Have a heart to heart before–mother’s day or birthday gift–all you want!
  • Let them know time frame to expect (20 min?)
  • Lower your expectation of perfection
  • Because I take them more often, I care less about perfection
  • Plan for something they love after (ice cream, donuts)
  • Heart to heart with spouse, too
  • Pictures with just a few kidskristen-duke-family

How to Decorate with Pictures

  • Gallery wall (Vintage Window, Painted Frames, DIY Canvas, Giant Frame)
  • Up the stairs
  • kids room/bathroom
  • kitchen fun
  • holiday decorations
  • Different textures: metal, wood, canvas, glass

How to enjoy photos besides up on the walls

  • Photo albums
  • holiday ornaments
  • Games (cards matching, Hill-zee)





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