Old Testament Seminary Scripture Mastery Memorization Cards

I’ve shared in the past few months that I’m teaching an early morning Bible study class to teenagers. It begins at 5:45am and goes til 6:30am. Whenever people hear that, I get jaw dropping confused stares, but I smile and express how much I love it.  I love it for what it teaches me, I love it for the good Spirit I feel when I’m there, how it boosts my faith and patience throughout the day, and I love those 27 high school freshman kids so dang much it makes my heart hurt with joy. I estimated I put in roughly 15 hours a week including preparing, travel, and teaching, and did I mention I don’t get paid? Yeah, I don’t, but I benefit in blessings, and that’s enough for me.

This year, the book of study is the Old Testament in the Bible. As part of the curriculum, there are 25 selected scriptures called Scripture Mastery, the students are asked to memorize. I have always been a HUGE advocate of the importance of memorizing (If you remember, I started a series a year ago about memorizing scriptures) and it piggy backs off of this concept I learned as a young child.

25 Old Testament Scripture Mastery verses for seminary to memorize, perfect for Bible study groups or personal.

In my church, we begin memorizing important scriptures as a young child, first with the Articles of Faith before the age of 12. As a teen in the youth program, the girls memorize the Young Women theme which incorporates important values, and we recite it each week in class to remind us of the divine youth that we were. When I attended seminary throughout high school (mine started at 6:10 am), I memorized similar 25 scripture mastery verses each year.  I could go on and on about the importance of memorizing scriptures, but I mainly love it because it teaches important lessons, that you can carry with you and think about when in times of doubt or uncertainty.

SOOOOO, I really wanted some great visuals to help my students memorize the 25 scriptures this year. I loved the format my designer created last year with the memorize series, and asked her last June to create all 25 for me, to finish by August. I planned to share them throughout the rest of the year as a monthly share on my site (I got so many people asking why I stopped sharing them since July–I had a reason!). I then calculated that my fee to her would be $900 (she’s worth every penny) but it just sounded like a LOT for this purpose. I made the decision to call it off, and I found someone out there offering another set of designs that looked pretty good. I purchased those designs ($20 for the set), but once I looked at them in full, I really didn’t love them.… Continue Reading

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