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Family Theme Song and Reunion T-Shirt Idea

family reunion tshirts ideas

Last week we met up with my family for a reunion in Missouri/Illinois, and since we’d be in a place with lots of people, we thought we make a matching T-shirt for all of us.… Continue Reading

Dandelion Inspirational Print and Coloring Page

Dandelion free inspirational print

I’m back from my vacationing, and trying to get back into “posting” mode! I’ve got lots of fun things to share, and this fantastic Dandelion Inspirational Print and Coloring Page was created by my designer a… Continue Reading

Color Me Excited Back to School Printables

Color Me Excited Back to School Printables

Hi Everyone! Erin here from Strawberry Mommycakes and I’m so excited to be back to share my Color Me Excited Back to School Printables! With this being my second year of sending a child to school, I’m… Continue Reading

Back to School Photo Booth Printables


I know some of you out there have already sent your kids back to school, but it’s still over 2 weeks away for me. I like to do a little photo shoot with the kids… Continue Reading

Summer Electronic Rule

How to monitor kids on electronic devices in summer

Electronics rule our lives, don’t they? We love ’em and we love to hate ’em. They inform us, entertain us, aid in our business/school, yet we know that we need to step away from them… Continue Reading

Back to School Teacher Gift: Apple Post It Note + Printable

back to school idea

I can’t believe that in some states, school has already started!! We don’t go back until the last week of August, so I’ve still got some time to play with my kids before they are… Continue Reading

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