Dog Lunch Box Jokes

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Sending lunch box jokes in my kids lunches has been something I’ve really enjoyed doing the past few years. My goal is to share a set a month with all of you on my site, so you and your kids can enjoy the tradition, too.  I’ve got some great themes in store, so watch for them! And hey, if you don’t have kids, you can send with your significant other, and if your kids buy lunch, you can hide them around the house. Lots of options here. This month, the theme is a set of dog lunch box jokes. Since we’ve had our dog a year, my kids have become obsessed with all furry friends, and I thought they’d just love this theme.

Dog Lunch Box Jokes

Lunch Box Jokes

Some people like to send lunch box notes to their kids where they scribble “Have a great day!” On a napkin. But…I’ve never sent a napkin in my kids lunches, I mean, who needs them when they have shirts they can whip their cheetos laden fingers on? Just kidding…I mean, I don’t do much with napkins, I probably should, I always forget that part of a lunch. Actually, my kids make their own lunches. I do my part to stock the pantry with necessary items, and they pick what they want. I think it’s a great agreement, actually. Also teaches them a bit of independence early.

There wasn’t really a time when I said, “ok, kids it’s time to make your own lunches” it just happened, and they are great with it, so win-win! I just slip in the lunch jokes after it’s done, but sometimes I forget! I’ve got a spot in my kitchen dedicated to the lunch jokes, and I’ve got about a ba-jillion lunch jokes on my site, in case you didn’t know, or this is your first set you are grabbing. I’ve got lunch jokes for all holidays from Easter lunch box jokes to Halloween lunch box jokes to Christmas lunch jokes as well as super hero lunch jokes and princess lunch box jokes and star wars jokes and mickey mouse lunch box jokes.

To see them ALLL of the lunch box jokes I’ve shared on my site by thumbnails, CLICK HERE.

To download this month’s set of Dog Lunch Box Jokes, click here:  dog lunch jokes

Then print, cut, and stuff ’em in the lunches!

In the future, if you want to grab a set of lunch box jokes, hover over the pink FAMILY FUN hexagon on the top of my site, and click on LUNCH JOKES.


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