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Life is like a roller coaster…enjoy the ride. Free quote to print and hang in your home.Enjoy The Ride

I recently interviewed my bonus mom Stephanie on the Beyond Good Intentions parenting podcast I’ve created, and she talked about the importance of teaching children “on the walls of our home.” The idea has been something that has ALWAYS resonated with me, but I’d never put it into words like that. My friend also has a vinyl lettering company called “Chatty Walls” which is the same ideas…the walls talking to us, whispering and sometimes SHOUTING the things we need to hear!

One of the early creative posts I shared on my site is how I acquired a gigantic (ugly) canvas from a neighbor, and how I made it over to be a quote I hope my kids never forget, “You are loved, no matter what.” Click on that link to see the BEFORE, and how I made it over.

inspirational quotes

I have shared quite a few inspirational printed quotes over the years with that very idea in mind.

I want my kids to look at these quote designs over and over on the walls of our home, and hopefully the visual will STICK in their minds.

Would you like a screen saver of this inspirational quote? Download that as well as others on this link: Inspirational Quote Screen Savers

Here is the roller coaster “Enjoy the Ride” colorful quote and coloring page you can print and place around your home

>>Life is Like A Rollercoaster PDF

I’ve got a handful of other inspirational quotes that you will surely love!

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