Spiderweb Dreamcatcher and Halloween Home Tour

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After several years of having the same Halloween mantel, I decided to change things up and make a fun new Halloween decoration.  At center of my new mantel is this DIY Spiderweb Dreamcatcher.

Decorating the home for Halloween

Who doesn’t love a crafty dreamcatcher?

My sister in law made me one to hang in my office, it’s so colorful and fun, I love it! When I saw a display of giant dream catchers in the background of my Lolly Jane girls instagram picture my jaw dropped with excitement over the idea of making one myself. (Follow them on IG, they share pretty things, click that link with their name).  Identical twins, believe it. Love them both.

DIY Dreamcatcher

Anyway–before I realized it was a Hula Hoop, I grabbed one already. Theirs is much fancier, but I like how my Halloween version turned out. I got one at Target for $4 or so, but then I heard they sell them at the dollar store, now why didn’t I try that first? It’s nice and light weight, and was perfect for my idea. I began the process by wrapping the hula hoop in strips of orange fabric that I had laying around.

Spiderweb dreamcatcher

First round of black yarn wrapping, I didn’t love how it was all so centered, looked like a sunburst. I realized I needed to wrap the yarn differently and ended up going on the sides more, in varying directions.  Next I made some white ghost tassels after seeing a tutorial on eighteen25, glued some googly eyes on them, and hung them on my web.

I then started to create my mantel around my new Halloween dreamcatcher love.

Creating a Halloween Mantel

It’s quite the challenge for me to change up something like a perfectly orchestrated mantel design. I’ve done it before with my Summer Sunshine Mantel and The Nautical Inspired Mantel, but it’s a challenge that is fun to try after finishing and feeling happy about it. It isn’t easy for me to visualize how to pull pieces together, but I’m happy with how it turned out. I texted my friend Landee during the process, because I think she does a great job of pulling pieces together aesthetically (see her Halloween Mantel, and other mantels). Because of two electrical outlets above my mantel (that the builder thought a TV should go there) I have to arrange everything around covering them up.


spiderweb dreamcatcher

Most of this stuff is store bought, from years past. The other new item is the Halloween Print, “I Put a Spell on You” that you can find right here on my site (and print it yourself), a hand lettered image from Dawn Nicole.

free halloween printable

You want to see my other Halloween decorations? I’ve been collecting over the years!  First, I’ll show you my front porch that I’ve tried to do something more with recently. I was inspired by the cute front porch at The Crafting Chicks, so got me some fake bales of hay and witch brooms at Michaels, along with a crate. It’s a difficult challenge in October, do I make the porch FALL-ish or HALLOWEEN-ish? I had some fall leaves around my door, but had to change it to the black spider web.

Halloween decorations

Halloween House Tour

The only thing I really made for my front porch is the ribbon wreath on my door, which I found from Landeelu last year. Check out how to make the wreath here.

I got my Frankie sign so long ago, I don’t know where, would be fun to make!

halloween front door

I was wishing my older kids were around yesterday to spread the cobwebs, my I did it with my youngest, and she thought it was so fun to do, and place the spiders all over. You want to come inside?

Just inside the front door I have a little table

Halloween decorations

Here is a close up on the frame. It’s a picture of my husband and I dressed up for Halloween as little kids. I put it together a few years ago for our Couples Halloween Party, and asked all the guests for pictures of them on Halloween when little.

Halloween decorations

Aren’t we adorable?

Next, we see the Living Room decorations. If you want to see that room more in depth, click on the link. It’s really just above the piano that I decorate.

Halloween decorations

I’ve collected my haunted houses from Target and Pier 1 over the years. I love them. You can see our Halloween Family pictures from last year on the link.

Halloween decorations

halloween decor

Next, we walk by the stairs, where I’ve got two projects I’ve shared in the past, the Halloween Bat Photo Collage and the Spooky mini Canvas and Easels, sprinkled with a few store bought items.

Halloween Photo Bat Collage

Halloween decorations

Check out the dust around the spiders–yikes! It’s all for the Halloween effect, promise.

Halloween decorationsThen we walk into my Family Room. I’ve got the mantel, which I showed above, and then underneath I’ve got a little “kids center” with musical plush halloween toys and books.

Halloween decorations

Up close on a few details

Halloween decorations

You can get the Scaredy Bones Print on my site from last year on link. Don’t ask about everything else, all from years ago!  Also love me some mini Frankensteins!!  I’ve got an array of Halloween books including Halloween Pinkalicious, Trick or Treat with Berenstein Bears, and the Spooky Wheels on the Bus (amazon affiliate links)

Now, into the kitchen, I’ve got a little table I decorated. At the center is my former Mantel centerpiece, the glow in the dark bat picture I made a few years ago.

Halloween decorations

Close up of past Halloween pictures. The orange frame is my first married Halloween when my husband was in grad school, I’m a pregnant pumpkin with my first, who was born a week later!

Halloween decorations

halloween decorations

And there you have our Halloween Home Decorations this year!

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