Halloween Front Porch Decoration

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Happy October! It’s time to pull out all things spooky, and I’m happy to share with you my Halloween Front Porch Decorations, inspired by the treasures I found at World Market! I haven’t done a whole lot to my front porch in the past, and I’m not sure why, since EVERYONE see’s that, and only a handful see the inside. I’m excited to share the fun Halloween decorations I put together this year.

Halloween Front Porch Ideas

As the base of the decoration, I grabbed some bales of hay at my local feed store.  Too bad I don’t live closer to my cowboy Uncle Mean Dean.  He’d a  give ’em to me for free.  If I baled them myself of course. They were $12 each, but since they are popular Fall decorations, they will refund me half the price if I return them in good condition.  Not bad!  I love orange pumpkins, so I grabbed a handful of real ones (like the lovely Cinderella punpkin) and a few of the “pretend” pumpkins from my local craft store, so I can bring them out from year to year. They are pricey, but at 60% off they aren’t so bad.  And since I am planning to use them year after year, I feel it’s a good investment.

Halloween Front Porch ideas

I’m not into the gory, bloody Halloween decorations.  I like to keep them minor spooky, mostly fun, and colorful.  My favorite Halloween color palette is orange, black, green, and purple.  I was THRILLED to spot the sparkly, jeweled Halloween spiders at World Market? I {puffy heart} love them so much.  That metal jack-o-lantern is supposed to be a candle holder, but it’s a mini pumpkin holder here, for me.

Back behind the hay bales are glittery tree branches (also found at World Market, but no link online).

Halloween Porch decor

Here, I’ve got a pull back shot of the scene. I’m not sure where that giant spider came from, I’ve had it for years, but he wraps nicely around that pillar on my front porch. His babies are spread all over the cobweb and beyond.

Do you see the flying bat decorations? My handy husband helped me wrap fishing wire around the porch to make it look like the bats are flying around above our head.  Fishing wire works great because it is almost invisible!

Halloween porch

Behold, the bat.


Halloween decor with bat and spider

Above the door is a black spider web that stretches, and looks pretty nifty if you ask me. I made the ribbon wreath last year, inspired by my friend Landee’s Halloween ribbon wreath tutorial.

Here is another shot of the sparkly spiders creeping around my Cinderella pumpkin.

halloween decoration

I had to take some shots at night, to show what the trick-or-treaters would see, and to show the black willow branches all lit up {LED battery operated, which I love because not tied to a plug}

Halloween decoration

Happy Halloween!

Halloween decor

Find more fun Halloween decorations at World Market by clicking on any of the links above!

I was hired by World Market to select what I love in their store, and share, but all of the love comes from my heart and giddiness over their cute stuff.  I’ve worked with them for a few years, and love going into their stores to find all kinds of goodness both seasonally, and evergreen (year round) accessories.

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Disclosure: I was hired by World Market to select what I love in their store, and share, but all opinions are my own.


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