My Signature Style {Decor and Fashion)

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I was delighted to be asked to be a part of this series that really made me thing about what MY Signature Style is. When it comes to clothing and home decor and accessories, there are so many cute things out there, but at some point, you hone in what YOU love, and not just what is trendy, or what your bestie chooses for their style. I’ll share my thoughts on style, then at the bottom, you can HOP to the others that are sharing their styles. Sometimes, looking at others styles really helps you to figure out what YOUR style is. signature style

You may have hopped over here from the blog, Cottage in the Oaks, if so, welcome!

The three words that I think best describe my style are:

  • colorful
  • happy
  • eclectic

If you can’t tell from the look of my website, it’s all of that, too!  Some might say crazy or loud, or…interesting. I know it, and I get it. My style is not for everyone, but it doesn’t have to be! It’s for me, my home, my family. I want to feel joy in my home, and when I go out for the day, so I do what feels good to me.

Here is a little collage I put together with what is my style.

home decor, clothing

Sources: Home office//string word art//camera necklace//color palette//gumball room//arrows//cute clothes

 So now let me explain a bit about why I chose these three words as my signature style.

I had to think about it a little bit….whenever I see something cute on Pinterest that I think I’d like to wear, or make for my home, I PIN it to either my Home Decor Pinterest board or my Clothing & Accessories Pinterest board. And just the other day, I couldn’t nail down a color scheme for a guest bathroom I’m decorating, and I went to my COLORFUL Pinterest board to look at color palates. It really helped me narrow it down!   I went there to grab some of these images.

I’ll share some examples in my home decor and clothing style that exemplifies my signature style.


If you’ve seen from my Home Tour, I LOVE color! Each room is like a paint palette for me from the hot pink & navy in my living room, to the bright and fun colors in my girls room, to the rainbow of colorful triangles on the game room wall.  It’s risky to go for bold color, but I’ve never been afraid of taking risks. I kinda thrive on it.





I think colorful kinda lends itself to HAPPY, but I think how I love to decorate with pictures, and uplifting quotes, decorating my mantles as a focal point, is what makes it happy. My family makes me happy, so seeing their faces around the walls of my home, just brings joy, and I hear that from strangers, too.

giant repurposed frame


You are loved no matter what canvas art





I like random. I like pieces that are conversation starters, such as these projects I’ve done in my home: vintage windows as frames, a colander light fixture, fingerprint art, or a giant barn door.


vintage window as frames



barn door tv cover

That’s my home, I think my clothing style is just a mixture of all three of those words combined, on different days. I’m kinda all over the map with my clothing style, and I think we can be. With 365 days in a year, we can be eclectic and colorful one day, with vintage and soft the next day. Here is a sampling some of my signature clothing style from my past posts.

fashion trends

So would you say my clothing style is Colorful, Happy Eclectic? Ha! Colorful, at least!!  It was fun to put this together, and I think I needed to remind myself of some of the past outfits I put together, need to hang that collage in my closet!

Head on over to Cuckoo4Design, who is next in the HOP today, check out her style, and see how it fits yours.

Thanks to Carrie from Making Lemonade for organizing this series. Make sure you check out the #SignatureStyle of the other gals posting today:

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